BRS Biopellet Reactor Combo Kit

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  • How to set up a BRS biopellet reactor

BRS Biopellet Reactor Combo Kit

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  • Great AIO package By on 12/30/2014

    This is everything you need(except a pump) to start running bio pellets. Great for smaller tanks. For all the bio pellets to tumble right it says to only use 350ml which is not enough media for larger tanks.
  • awesome By on 12/28/2014

    Easy set up . But I used a tee off of my feed line to my gfo and carbon reactor which is a tee off of main return to tank so no powerheads to burn out and no extre pump to buy. I just got it for xmas so dont know about biopellets yet.
  • Order 1100225796 By on 11/28/2014

    Perfect for beginner... Highly recommended.
  • biopellets By on 6/13/2014

    Love this combo try it with the maxjet 1200 but not enough after a while just upgrade the pump and in 5 days my nitrates were wiped out awsome
  • Good Value By on 3/5/2014

    The kit is complete setup, only complaint for me is the supplied tubingis too short for where iIwwanted to put the reactor which is on the wall behind the tank right beside my BRS carbon and gfo reactors so Ihad to get longer tubing to connect. I also purchased a mag 3 pump to power it which Charlie at BRS ssuggested, I have 100 gal water volume so all the two cups of pellets supplied in the kit were used. There is a issue with getting all the pellets to tumble as needed even with the mag 3, the problem that I had is if I give the reactor full flow approximately 1/2 of the pellets goes to the top and don't tumble and the bottom half tumbles very good. I found "most" of the pellets tumble slowly if I throttle back the mag 3. I have not tried any adjustments to it as it has been running 5 days, I may try to teak it some more after running for a couple of weeks. Some others have complained of debris clogging the reactor, I hope this won't be an issue for me since I am using the foam prefilter supplied with the mag 3. They recommend once the reactor is running not to touch it for 6months and then only to add pellets as needed which is what I plan to do with only exception is to clean the mag 3 prefilter as needed, we'll see how it goes
  • Best by far By on 2/15/2014

    Got this bad day in and it was stellar..... tried others first but now I realized I wasted my money.... so glad I have this now....
  • Good economy reactor By on 1/11/2014

    I got the Biopellet reactor with Mag drive 3 pump. It was fairly easy to set up though be warned if you attach it in correctly the push fittings are a pain to get unattached. The pellets tumble well but it seems a little temperamental and they occasionally get stuck up at the top. I have fairly low nitrates to begin with as its a young tank with only two very small fish but I like corals that eat and plan on having more fish so I wanted to get the biofilter started.
    Pros: very good quality for price
    straight forward set up
    good customer support
    seems to mostly work as described

    cons: make sure you double check where to attach everything as push fittings are a pain
    can be temperamental if debris ends up on the top of the media canister filter. The Mag drive 3 is supposed to limit this problem but mine has gotten clogged already.

    Overall i would recommend it to a friend who was looking for a no frills reactor for a great price. I am pleased to have an inexpensive option which leaves more money for corals
  • Working great, keep up on pump maintenance. By on 11/24/2013

    Love the reactor, I've stopped the vodka dosing and that freed up a dosing pump for my Mg.
    I'm using a Maxijet 12 (the Cobalt version) and it's tumbling the media just fine. I recommend cleaning the pump monthly. I slipped on that maintenance and noticed today the pump was not working. Not sure how long it sat but when I removed the reactor and pump to clean, SWEET JEEBUZ the smell was evil. Flushing with RODI and cleaning the pump with vinegar did the trick. Tonight's adventure has resulted in a new phrase around my house, "Alright, who's Carbon dosing?" LOL
  • Not for biopellets By on 5/17/2013

    I have 1 of these reactors and 2 of the black brs ones. They are perfect for GFO and Carbon, however i dont think they are ideal for Biopellets what so ever. After just 1 week the biopellets are barely tumbling because of gunk buildup inside the filter that restricts flow. This has to be cleaned weekly to keep the biopellets tumbling. Having to do this makes it a chore so I am seriously considering a different reactor. I hope BRS will re-design this reactor so that it doesnt clog as easily. Do not recomment for BIO Pellets. Only for GFO and Carbon.
  • The proof is in the pudding By on 2/28/2013

    I did about a month of solid research before committing to bio pellets as a form of biological filtration. After scouring the web, I decided to give the bio pellet kit a try.

    The reactor was super simple to set up (total set up time was around 15 minutes). The reactor is made from heavy duty plastic. Another quality product from BRS!

    After 8 weeks, my Elos nitrate test kit tested between 2.5 - 1.0ppm nitrate (the colors were too hard to distinguish). My nitrates were stuck at 10-15 ppm for the past year no matter what I tried (water changes, chaetomorpha). Simply unbelievable. My nitrates are dropping by the day.

    Make sure you read, and re-read the instructions on the BRS website---it'll save you a ton of time and headaches down the line.

    Like the instructions say --- be patient! I tested nitrates almost every other day (I'm impatient like most reefers), but the patience finally paid off after 8 weeks.

    You'll need to have a decent skimmer if you run bio pellets, otherwise you won't see the results (or so I've read). My Tunze 9002 skimmer started to produce dark tea-colored skimmate after running bio pellets.

    One tip though---do NOT purchase the Maxijet1200 pump if you plan on running a smaller pump with this reactor. The newer Maxijet pumps rattle cos it can't handle the head pressure. Instead, order the Cobolt Aquatics pump (made in Italy). I'd recommend going the Mag3 if you can (like BRS recommends).

    Like some, I experienced cloudy water, but as long as you have a decent skimmer, and lots of water movement, you should be fine. My livestock and corals survived, and are now showing full polyp extension. If you have an ORP meter, keep on eye on it so that your oxygen levels don't drop too much. Install extra powerheads if you need to oxygenate your water. The cloudiness subsides after 3-4 days. However, your results may vary.

    Above all, be patient, follow the instructions, and you shall be rewarded. I'll definitely run my next tank using biopellets.

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