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  • BRS PHA Biopellets

BRS Bulk Biopellets

  • BRS Biopellets By Ojake on 9/7/2014

    Been using them for over 1 year now. Using a Reef Octopus reactor and large water flow. I have had NONE of the problems some people are reporting. Nitrates and Phosphates remain below detectable using Red Sea tests kits.
  • Great for FOLR tanks, SPS keepers beware By Eldog on 8/20/2014

    I have been running biopellets in a BR 140 chamber for nearly 5 months. I switched to Ecobac pellets due to rapid degradation of the BR biopellets and guess what; the Ecobac pellets degraded even faster. On the plus side the biopellets did completely remove all nitrates and phosphates, undetectable on testing. Unfortunately, the SPS corals, and clams did not respond well, slow tissue necrosis and cynobacteria was a major side effect of the organic carbon influx induced by the biopellets. The whitish residue from the degradation of the biopellets coats all plumbing surfaces and sides of sump and skimmer. For heavy bio-loaded FOLR tanks the biopellets would work perfectly, cyanobacteria as consequence, but I would not recommend this product for SPS reef tanks. The LPS corals were fine with normal growth of zoanthids and other colonies. I have taken the biopellet reactor off my 230 display. Experiment over.
  • Can't get my nitrates down By Roman on 8/19/2014

    8 months after starting using BRS biopellets in my Innovative Marine media reactor still cannot get nitrates down, it seems to be stuck at 10-20 ppm. No negative side effects like bacteria or diatoms boom, but I was hoping to get results faster. Started dosing Brightwell Microbacter7, hope it will properly seed the reactor with better bacteria strain and start bringing down nitrates
  • Good product By Davidfrances on 8/18/2014

    I have been running the BRS product now for a few weeks. Like some of the other reviewers, I have not noticed a significant uptick in the amount of skimmate being pulled out of my tank, but the skimmate that does come off now is exponentially more rank than before. I can report that my nitrate and phosphate levels are below the measuing ability of my test kits, having gone from 10ppm nitrate and 40 ppm phosphate previously.
  • Rapid Degradation By Eldog on 8/5/2014

    After 4 months the BRS biopellets were removed due to rapid degradation with fine plastic silt accumulating everywhere down-stream of the reactor via the effluent. After conferring with the BRS Tech Advisers, they suggested moving a greater volume of water through the reactor to mitigate accumulation of too much bio-mass. The accumulation was clearly fine particles of the biopellet material and not associated with biologic bacterial cells. The added water-flow simply accelerated the break down of the pellets. I have switched to Ecobak pellets and will restart the reactor. I receive all of my dosing, RODI and filter media from BRS and have always been very satisfied. I feel this product is defective however.
  • Large Pellets By Anthony on 7/15/2014

    Biopellets seem to be the wave of the future. They work, it is obvious. These pellets seem to be a bit larger than some.
  • Rapid degradation By Eldog on 6/24/2014

    I am very pleased with the nitrate reduction since running biopellets in the BR140 reef octopus reaction chamber on my 240 gallon reef tank. Nitrates went from 5 ppm to undetectable in 16 weeks. The downside at this point is a rapid degradation of the pellets leaving a fine but thick pasty emulsion on the upper segment of the chamber, return plumbing, and sump / protein skimmer. The degradation was rapid between 15 - 18 weeks I noticed a steady accumulation of biopellet emulsion. I have rerouted the output side of the reactor through my filter sock in fear that this emulsion may have an adverse reaction on the tank inhabitants and corals.
  • Great product so far By Sharkboy on 3/14/2014

    The pellets tumble nicely with an Eheim 2000 and bashsea reactor. Pellets don't clump either. Time will tell if notates are lowered as they have only been tumbling a week now
  • DONT DO IT! By Todd on 2/23/2014

    If your tank is already up and running DON'T!!! use this stuff. It killed my whole tank slowly but surely. It made everything healthy and brighter at first then came the cyano bacteria . I immediately removed it and did a massive water change to get rid of any of the bacteria it created but I was too late and over the next 6 months no matter what I did it didn't help and now I have a tank full of rock and a starfish.
  • pretty good By Dustin on 12/11/2013

    works good for nitrate reduction but I dont see it helping with phosphates in my tank.

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