BRS Bulk Biopellets

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BRS Bulk Biopellets

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  • AWESOME! By carmelgu on 12/30/2015

    Have the Reef Octopus BioChurn 120INT on a 120 gal reef tank using BRS biopellets and the ZeoBac, ZeoSnow, Zeo 7 system....within one week my water is SOOO clear and coral is SOOO happy! Awesome product!
  • Great product By Sgt Harold on 12/26/2015

    Been using these since the I started my bio pellets reactor ! They don't grind down fast! A nice and very much will be reordering !
  • Very Nice! By Robert on 10/2/2015

    This product is so easy to use and works great, just make sure you give it time to work.
  • Would only use on Fish Only tanks By Jonathan on 8/28/2015

    These pellets work fairly well in reactors but only with lots of maintenance. A larger than normal % of them will float and clog your reactor.
  • Bulk Biopellets By chcuk on 8/15/2015

    The BioPellets worked great. My son and I have used these several times.
  • BE CAREFUL!! By James on 4/17/2015

    Dosed the recommended amount: 1 cup per 50 gallons. I dosed 2 cups for my 100gal tank. Day 5 I came home from work in the morning and saw my tank was extremely cloudy (normally crystal clear water column). I noticed a bad odor coming from the sump area. I discovered my Green Bird Wrasse had jumped from the tank, and a few hours later my Rusty Angel was dead on it's side.

    Bio Pellets will cause I major drop in available O2 levels in your tank. BE VERY CAREFUL with these pellets. DO NOT start off with the recommended dosage. I would start with 1/4th of the dose. Also, make sure you have a VERY GOOD skimmer to remove the increased skimmate from these pellets. I have stopped running my reactor and hope that when I get home in the morning I don't have anymore dead fish.
  • Not sure By Brandon on 4/9/2015

    I've used TLF pellets with good results. These BRS pellets are larger and seem to be less dense. I'm having a floating issue with a small % of them. The rest of them won't settle down to my satisfaction. The tend to hover in the middle of my reactor. Time will tell!
  • good product By subie on 2/22/2015

    Works good for nitrate so far..
  • Good so far By David L on 12/22/2014

    I was sent the BRS brand of bio pellets after having issues with TLF brand floating and clumping. I had no issues with the BRS brand from day one. Now lets see if the bio pellets help reduce my nitrates.
  • Good Product By EZ on 12/1/2014

    I've tried a few different types of biopellets and I seem to keep coming back to these. They tumble well, and don't seem to clump like other do. I have them running in two TLF reactors run in series which holds just about 1000 ml of pellets. They seem to work pretty well as i have never had a nitrate or phosphate issue but that's all purely anecdotal.

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