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Bubble King Mini 160
Internal Protein Skimmer (Gen 2)

SKU: 207025

  • AWSOME!!! By Christopher on 3/31/2013

    Though I'm still in the build stage of my 75 gallon reef tank I have to comment on the construction of this skimmer. The craftsmanship of this product is above and beyond from anything that I have seen in a skimmer. Very heavy duty and built to last. The product came packed very well with the product wrapped in thick bubble wrap encased in foam shell. By far a great purchase and another great product from BRS!!!! I will edit my review on performance once my system is up.
  • Wow... what a difference By Shawn on 10/4/2012

    I bought this skimmer after my red sea skimmer started making some noise early on in its life span. The biggest difference I've found is the super ergonomics of the BKM 160 and the amazing foam.

    Arrival: When it arrived at my door it came packed in a super large box which made me think I had ordered a product that would never fit in my sump. My fears were quickly diminished as I cut away 7 to 8 inches of spray foam that encased a rather sleek and well built skimmer. The skimmer was completely assembled and ready to go.

    Install: I have the Red Sea Max S 400 tank/stand/sump setup. This skimmer has such a small footprint that it fits in the existing space quite nicely. In fact, I have more space with the BK than I had with the RS... should I decide to add another hang on reactor I'm in good shape.

    Results: My BKM 160 sat in the sump with skimmer cup removed for 3 hours per instructions. Over that time the foam changed its consistency at which time I placed the cup on the skimmer. Would you believe I can change or clean my skimmer cup in complete silence? You should! The skimmer cup is held on by gravity only. No loud latches, no screwing, no annoying seals. You get what you pay for. It is now producing a very nice foam indeed! If you have the money and have a 100 gallon tank... this is a great skimmer.

    Only con: Price... but still worth it.
  • BubbleKing Mini By Matt on 11/10/2011

    I've been running my BK 160 on my display for over two years now, and my only regret is not owing one earlier. The build of this skimmer is second to none...heavy materials, fine detail, and excellent specs. The motor block is silent and energy efficient. This is an perfect skimmer for people looking for a set & forget system in a smaller space. The footprint is small, and the output is consistent. Perfect for a 75-150g tank.

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