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Aqueon Modular ProFlex Sump Filtration Model 1
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  • Aqueon Modular ProFlex Sump Filtration Model 1
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  • Aqueon Modular ProFlex Sump Filtration Model 2
  • Aqueon Modular ProFlex Sump Filtration Model 3
  • Aqueon Modular ProFlex Sump Filtration Model 4
  • Aqueon Modular ProFlex Sump Filtration Model 4 Diagram

Aqueon Modular ProFlex Sump Filtration

  • Not big enough By JPS on 11/22/13

    I have the 4, and it has no room for a larger skimmer and my tank is 220gl. Big mistake.
  • Wish I went BIGGER By ReeferGil on 10/3/13

    I have a 75g tank and went with the model 3. One year after it's all been running, I have two major regrets. I wish I had larger stand doors and I wish I went with the Model 4. I'm running a Reef Octopus pin110 skimmer, GFO reactor, probe holder, float switch, Mag 7 return pump and ATO switch in the last stage. My last stage is soooo crampped, no space at all. The model 3 is 25.5" long while the model 4 is 36" long. Would have given me more room making it easier to clean and given me more options for a larger skimmer if I wanted to upgrade later. Other than that, I've had no issues. Chaeto is growing great under LED lights and no leaks. Runs as designed.
  • The sump is OK just not with a refugium By Saboken on 8/18/13

    For the price there should be more options to use this as a Refugium the barrier between chamber 1 & 2 has no way to lock it in place when/if the power goes out the Barrier drops and messes up the flow in my Refugium I could modify it but if I do and anything goes wrong like the first unit that was not glued together right I will be in my own since it will void the warranty if I drill it in any way, Aqueon has a great customer service they sent me a new sump in 2 days and did not want the old one back but it leaks, if I find a way to secure the wall to the Refugium I will post it, If you are looking for a Berlin or want to use the optional bio balls I am sure this would be great But I have a Green Mandarin and have been trying to keep pods in the Refugium but the flow is to high and if the wall drops most of them get pushed into chamber 3 and up to the display tank they are eaten quickly.
  • Great small package! By James on 3/25/13

    i needed a sump for both my current 60 gallon and wanted something I could expand for my next tank a 100 gallon reef. This fits in my cabinet, is flexible for either refugium or berlin style sump and its nice and quiet!
  • Good for a starter sump By Casey on 3/6/13

    I purchased the Model 3 ProFlex for my first saltwater system which is a 90 gallon tank. I can say that it was good for starting out, but I added a 15 gallon tank for my refugium because I did not have enough room to have a refugium, protein skimmer, and carbon reactor in it. I would not recommend drilling it for an external pump because the plastic walls are a little too weak.
  • Great By Tom on 12/27/12

    I am very pleased with this product. It can be easily changed to fit your aquariums. It is great for reef aquariums with the advanced filtration. There is a lot of room to add a large Refugium and skimmer. You just need to buy a return pump and your ready to roll!
  • Makes a great sump By Chad on 12/16/12

    I am very pleased with this product. It is setup as a modular unit that can be be easily made into any popular style of pump. I got a model 2 (set up Berlin style) for my 75gal reef and couldn't be happier with it.

    It is held underneath my tank in a stand compartment and holds all my goodies. Reactor in/outs, heater, ATO, and over sized skimmer.
  • Good sump, needs a little modding By Ali on 11/12/12

    I got the model 3 for my 120 gallon tank and at first i had my skimmer in the return chamber, witch was a bad idea since i was getting a ton of micro bubbles in the DT. so i removed the socks from the first chamber and plumbed thg skimmer in the first section added some live rock and made a nice 5 inch sand bed in the refugium and added some macro algae and cant complain . water is so clear and the skimmer is skimming all the nasty poo and uneaten fish food. and no bubbles in the DT any more. my only regrt i wish i got model 4 could have had more room in the first and second stage to have more live rock in it. P.S i added a 1200 maxi jet to the first stage so i don't have any detritus stuck under the live rocks and the skimmer does the rest so there is no need for any filter socks changes or cleaning, very maintenance free.
  • Shockingly quiet, great for a berlin, a stretch as a refugium By jeff on 11/5/12

    The design is EXTREMELY quiet, i can just barely hear the water in the sump when i close the cabinet doors, this was my primary objective for this purchase. A lot of space is used up on the filter sock chamber so make sure that your equipment is going to fit in the other 2 chambers before buying. My skimmer is the diablo xs160 and it just barely fit in chamber 2 of the model 3. I played around with the skimmer in chamber 3 thinking i would pull off a refugium in chamber 2 but it just didn't work out mostly due to the fact that i couldn't get the water level in chamber 3 to the depth that was needed for the skimmer without having the water level being pretty darn close to overflow when all the power was off.
  • Solid Product By Joey on 7/9/12

    I have the Model 1. It works very well, but could use a little more room in the return section, but other than that, everything is working great.

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