Glass Drill Bit Guide THK

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Glass Drill Bit Guide THK

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  • good value By on 9/19/2015

    I think the other guide is nicer, but for as often as I drill tanks, this was a much better value, and was higher quality than I expected, win-win!
  • Skeptical - but! By on 3/23/2015

    Although I wasn't sure how much this would help it is worth the price to be sure. It made the centering the hole marked easier and minimized drill bit chatter. In the end my two newly drilled holes were about as good as they come from the tank manufacturer. Go slow use a lot of water and take time! Mine took about 7 minutes. The videos showing 30 seconds well that is not what I saw ;).

    Don't drill the tank without it.
  • Easy to use By on 8/20/2014

    Used this the first time I ever drilled holes in glass. Worked great keeping the drill from sliding on the glass.
  • Works great! By on 3/9/2014

    I have used this many times and it works great! I used to use a piece of plywood, drilling thru that first, then into the glass. It works but this is better. The suction cup holds solid and the drill does not slide around. Use no pressure, just let the bit do the work and hold a wet sponge against it to keep it cool. Works every time!
  • Works great! By on 1/30/2014

    I used this along with the diamond coated drill bit and it works great. I know you only need it to start but I just left it on for the entire hole. Just hold a wet sponge against the drill bit to keep it wet and cool and don't push, let the drill do the work. I've seen people start holes with a piece of wood and I tried that too but this works nice! Good product.
  • Must have By on 5/2/2013

    Gave me confidence that the bit wouldn't jump and it made it easy!
  • works great By on 12/3/2012

    I only used it a couple time when making a custom sump out of a couple 10g aquariums. It works well to keep the bit in place when you start to drill the hole.
  • Like butter By on 3/29/2012

    I had never drilled a tank before. This guide is all you need to start your hole. Once it's started the drill will guide itself and as long as you don't punch the glass you'll have a perfect cut.
  • Very good for a guide By on 3/8/2012

    I have been working on new project that need holes drilled and before using this guilde was hard to keep glass saw from slipping or marking the glass. Great for a guide for fussy people like me
  • Great product to get your hole lined up properly By on 2/20/2012

    I'm in the process of setting my system back up after a two year hiatis. I've drilled four holes with it from a 1/2" bulkhead to a 1 1/2" bulkhead. The product is great for putting the hole right where you want it. Use it to get the hole started then pull it off to finish the cut.