ZEOvit Media (1000 mL) - Korallen-Zucht

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  • Simplifying Korallen-Zucht ZEOvit System

ZEOvit Media (1000 mL) - Korallen-Zucht

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  • Great Stuff By on 2/7/2016

    The results of this system speak for themselves. The only annoying thing about the zeolites themselves is the amount of fine dust you get in the bag. You really have to wash the stones before to make sure not of that fine powder gets in your tank.
  • Best line for zeovit By on 2/7/2016

    Part of my zeovit system
  • Good By on 6/25/2015

    So much easier to keep all corals.
    Very nice~
  • Great product! By on 4/5/2015

    Converting to zeovit is the best decision I made in reefing. So much easier to keep all corals. This product is I think the best way of keeping a reef tank! Im sold! Zeovit all the way!
  • ZEO By on 12/13/2014

    ZEOvites perform as stated
  • Excellent product been using for over a year By on 12/8/2014

    I have been using this to drop my Phosphates by removing the precursors to lower.
  • An essential to zeovit By on 12/2/2014

    The essential of the basic 4, no phosphates no nitrates vibrant colors highly recommend this system and BRS usually is well stocked with the product line
  • Great product By on 2/26/2014

    Great product for any sps and Lps system !!! I love it !!! Awesome
  • Community and instruction By on 1/5/2014

    I just started so i cannot comment on the products claims but so far there is no shortage of help from the massive zeovit community. There is also a very easy to understand guide that instructed it's use.
  • Zeovit Works. Even on a Nano. By on 9/9/2012

    I've tried lots of other bio media and carbon dosing regimens. Zeovit still works the best. If you want to pull off the "impossible" of a high bioload and low nutrients, give this a shot.

    Do remember you need all four components of the system, and the zeovit media needs to be aggitated daily and replaced monthly. The company recommends a zeolyte reactor with a pull rod that makes aggitating easy, but I've used on my 14 gallon nano for more than a year now. Just put them in a coarse media bag, place them where the water will be forced through them, downstream from a mechanical filter and upstream from any chemical filtration. Every day, pull them out and give them a good swish in the DT before putting them back.

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