Korallen-Zucht ZEOvit Media 1000 mL

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  • Simplifying Korallen-Zucht ZEOvit System

Korallen-Zucht ZEOvit Media 1000 mL

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  • Good By YeonHoo on 6/25/2015

    So much easier to keep all corals.
    Very nice~
  • Great product! By Theblennyman on 4/5/2015

    Converting to zeovit is the best decision I made in reefing. So much easier to keep all corals. This product is I think the best way of keeping a reef tank! Im sold! Zeovit all the way!
  • ZEO By Lawrence on 12/13/2014

    ZEOvites perform as stated
  • Excellent product been using for over a year By kenj on 12/8/2014

    I have been using this to drop my Phosphates by removing the precursors to lower.
  • An essential to zeovit By Leicaguy on 12/2/2014

    The essential of the basic 4, no phosphates no nitrates vibrant colors highly recommend this system and BRS usually is well stocked with the product line
  • Great product By Rusty on 2/26/2014

    Great product for any sps and Lps system !!! I love it !!! Awesome
  • Community and instruction By Deebo on 1/5/2014

    I just started so i cannot comment on the products claims but so far there is no shortage of help from the massive zeovit community. There is also a very easy to understand guide that instructed it's use.
  • Zeovit Works. Even on a Nano. By Lindsey on 9/9/2012

    I've tried lots of other bio media and carbon dosing regimens. Zeovit still works the best. If you want to pull off the "impossible" of a high bioload and low nutrients, give this a shot.

    Do remember you need all four components of the system, and the zeovit media needs to be aggitated daily and replaced monthly. The company recommends a zeolyte reactor with a pull rod that makes aggitating easy, but I've used on my 14 gallon nano for more than a year now. Just put them in a coarse media bag, place them where the water will be forced through them, downstream from a mechanical filter and upstream from any chemical filtration. Every day, pull them out and give them a good swish in the DT before putting them back.
  • Zeo Stones Rocks By Vu on 1/31/2012

    If u have problems with nutrients, Zeo is the way to go. I'm able to keep a sps with large bioload mainly cause these zeostones
  • Solid product By Anthony on 11/29/2010

    ZEOvites perform as stated, a must have for any sps or mixed tank.

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