Mocean 2000 Wave Maker

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Mocean 2000 Wave Maker

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  • Love it By Jrod on 11/21/2011

    I purchased this a few months back and it seems to be great quality and works wonderfully
  • Great product if it's reliability problems have been fixed. By Loknar28 on 10/27/2011

    I own the Mocean2000 (WavySea Plus), but I did not purchase it from Bulk Reef Supply. When I originally purchased this return device from the original developer of the product, it was called the "WavySea Plus". within the first year of owning it I had to send it back twice as it is not sealed properly to even be called water resistant. The case for the motor has no O-Ring to seal out moisture and the stepper motor ends up seizing. Also, the supports for the wormgear that rotate the return pipe are less than adequate and will eventually break, especially if you try to free up the stepper motor by manually turning the shaft. (Don't do this!!) After Jay, the previous owner of the design sold it and stopped returning calls, I tried repairing it myself and some epoxy and finesse with the shaft on the motor, I was successful in a repair, but the motor seized for good, about 6 months after that. Keep in mind the unit was never submerged, this just occurred from salt spray. I am currently seeing if I can find another motor, but it is made by a Chinese company called moons which I have so far been unsuccessful finding a U.S. supplier for.
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