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Vertex Alpha 250 Protein Skimmer
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  • Vertex Alpha 250 Protein Skimmer

Vertex Alpha 250 Protein Skimmer

SKU: 207009

  • Great skimmer but poor packaging By RHG on 10/27/2014

    Skimmer is a good one but the packaging which comes from Vertex is pretty shoddy given the price point. My unit arrived with a cracked elbow - the pump was not padded and restrained and probably acted like a hammer during shipping. Got a replacement via Vertex but just added aggravation. Otherwise a great product.
  • One Bad [expletive] Skimmer By Greg on 10/1/2014

    I've had mine up and running for 4 Months now, it has been nothing but impressive performance wise and is has reduced my skimmer wattage consumption by 70 percent!

  • Awesome Skimmer By Kim W on 8/31/2012

    I have owned one of these for almost 3 years and must say it is the best skimmer I have ever used (many euro-reefs, ASM, and others). The skimmate is nasty! I use this one on an approximately 425g system and it kicks! Highly recommend.
  • Can't say enough good By David on 7/12/2012

    I personally love mine and think its the best out there. I have had the vertex alpha 170 and the 250 and both performed excellently. I get thick, gross, putrid stuff out of it monthly and my tank seems to appreciate it.

    It is completely silent in my tank and fits in a 40 breeder converted to a sump very well.
  • Great Skimmer By Kevin on 7/6/2012

    This skimmer is working beautifully on my 400G system. Only downside is that the ozone hose packaged with the unit quickly broke down and fell apart after a couple of weeks of ozone injection.
  • No more upgrades By Chuck on 3/31/2012

    Well built, very quiet and a workhorse. Their are none better.
  • Best Skimmer By Vu on 2/1/2012

    A little on the pricey side but worth every dollar. This is the best piece of equipment in my tank. Skim like a beast. Also the red dragon pump doesn't hurt :)
  • Great skimmer By Shane on 4/22/2011

    Well built and easy to service. The size requires a fairly large sump.
  • very good skimmer if you like high end products By woowoodengy on 11/12/2010

    built like a tank... works like a champ... i went with the alpha 250 to save 1k over the bubble king and so far i'm happy
  • Killer skimmer By pitbullguy on 10/6/2010

    This skimmer is built like a tank! It skims better than anything I have used or seen. Super easy to adjust and completely breaks down for cleaning. Also very low wattage for what this thing can handle. My system has over 100 corals, 13 fish and some inverts and works great! A+++++

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