Phosphate Low Range Colorimeter HI713 Hanna Checker - Fresh & Marine Water

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  • Controlling Phosphate

Phosphate Low Range Colorimeter HI713 Hanna Checker - Fresh & Marine Water

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  • The product it's really easy to use By on 10/2/2016

    Hanna Phosphate Low Range Colorimeter works well . Fast and accurate
  • Great.. packaging needs improvement. By on 9/26/2016

    The product it's great and easy to use. Take away from having to match colors. However, the packages the reagent comes in need to be replaced with a scoop method because it's hard to get all the power out of the packages.
  • Unsure of accuracy By on 9/3/2016

    Iva had this a couple weeks now and have yet to get a reading above 0.00 after 4 tests. I run hc gfo but should still have some phosphates right?
  • Really only 6 tests By on 7/15/2016

    I am disappointed with the fact that it only comes with enough regent for 6 tests. Sure the digital read out is awesome and very helpful, but I really feel that for the price I should be able to test more than 6 times before having to give them more of my money
  • Easy to use By on 4/6/2016

    I hate trying to match colors on tests (ok, I'm also slightly red-green colorblind so that doesn't help!) and this makes it so much easier. Doesn't come with very many test packets so if you'll be doing a lot of testing you'll want refills but they're pretty inexpensive.
  • Dies right after warranty By on 4/6/2016

    Problems with the light sensor the minute the 6 month warranty was up. Randomly worked and then completely dead. Tech support offered up $95/hour service or they said I'm welcome to order a another from them. Don't think so. The results I was able to get when it worked were extremely varied and I couldn't stand trying to get all the powder out of those tiny packets. Need to rethink design on those. Not pleased unfortunately.
  • Great Checker By on 3/29/2016

    One star off for those silly packets for the reagent. Works well and seems very accurate. Lid seems to have a hard time staying closed with a vial in it the big deal really.
  • Nice for Accurate Low Range Testing By on 3/18/2016

    Like many other Hanna checkers this product takes the guess work out of phosphate testing. I have a special loathing for trying to decipher color coded phosphate test kits and this helps me solve that issue. I had to take 1 star off because getting the power into the vial is brutal, and I mean brutal.
  • It works, just have to get use to the reagents. By on 3/5/2016

    Good too have two vials. One to set the checker, the other one to have the reagent all ready mixed.
  • Pointless By on 1/20/2016

    Save your money. I get more accurate results using API phosphate test and its significantly less money. Measures ppm just like API however the Hanna checker shows 0.00 and API shows 0 to 0.25 ppm. Even contacted Hanna to see if it was broke and their first response was to buy the HI736. So they seem to be aware that it's junk. Also, once you open the box it's yours. Bulk reef supply does not except returns on opened items. A little hard to consider buying a second piece of equipment when the first one doesn't work as it should. Also bought the HI758 calcium checker that works flawless. Watch the YouTube video as the instructions are not clear.