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Phosphate Low Range Colorimeter HI713 Hanna Checker HC - Fresh & Marine Water

SKU: 206200

  • No more guess work.. I think By jmar on 8/27/2014

    Accurate measurements, and includes a storage container for everything along with a laminated instruction card. It is a chore to get all the powder into the vial for the test. Work fast, or do some prep work beforehand. Several times I thought I got all the powder only to find that there was still a bit more in the packet. Take your time, get all the powder into the vial first and then calibrate. It includes 6 reagents so add those to the cart as well.
  • Great little device By Devin on 8/21/2014

    Product works great with fast results!! one thing i would say is get more reagent when you order the checker!! Also for best results clean the glass well, and swirl to avoid bubbles!!! Great product!!!! Accurate!!
  • I love this thing By JR on 8/20/2014

    if you have hair algae, you have phosphates....period. No matter what i used I kept saying to myself "my kits show no phosphates. I had to give in and get this Hanna Checker and it was the best move ever. Combined with my GFO reactor and I had a happy tank in no time. I wish the kit had more reagents, but if i had a controlled tank I wouldn't have had to check so many times :). Great product but be very careful with the vials to ensure they are CLEAN and scratch free prior to running your tests. It could skew the results.
  • Needs more reagent packets By David on 7/30/2014

    I have no issue with the checker or its accuracy (it works great) the only issue I had was that it only came with 6 reagents. for those that like to test on a regular basis I suggest you buy some with the initial order. besides that its awesome.
  • a product that gets you a phosphate reading you can trust By Ricky on 7/16/2014

    I like a lot of people have a hard time telling with certainty what the phosphate reading is with the liquid or even titration tests. No more guessing with this tester.
  • great but a little tricky By Jonathan on 7/16/2014

    It took me a few times to learn. I use both test tubes, makes the testing easier. Make sure to wipe off glass test tube even small print can mess up the test. Apart from that great.
  • very accurate By swseipel on 7/6/2014

    This meter is awesome. ..very accurate. Easy to use
  • Work great By Christopher Kirkland on 6/25/2014

    Very accurate, does take some practice to get use to using it correctly. There are several youtube videos that help along with that. Love the tester.
  • Was a Fathers Day gift for my husband By Laura on 6/11/2014

    Works Great! My husband was actually excited when he DID get a phosphate reading with this test kit. Would like to suggest BRS add a suggested link to the refill reagent packets to buy with it so the customer can save a little on shipping as there are not that many reagent packets with this kit. Wish I had ordered the refills with it. Other than that, it is well worth it and I would recommend it highly to anyone who owns a tank.
  • Really only 6?!? By Gregory on 6/11/2014

    I guess it was my own fault that I didn't take the time to find any reviews stating only 6 reagents came with the checker. But on a good note you get some knock off battery included!

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