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Hanna Checker Phosphate Colorimeter

SKU: 206200

  • Not bad By Matt on 4/17/14

    Nice little gadget. 10 times easier to use than a normal test kit. The only two problems are: is extremely difficult to get the reagents into the test tube, and sometimes the automatic display shut off can ruin a test by exiting before you can see the results.
  • Great product By wing on 4/16/14

    Testing phosphate with simple procedure. No color matching guess.
  • Easy and Precise measurement By GUnit on 4/3/14

    This is the easiest and quickest test kit for phosphate that I've used. I'm a sucker for precision and not having to guess at colors so this test kit is ideal for that.

    The couple of recommendations that I would have for people buying/using this test kit are:

    1) When doing the test use BOTH vials. This is key to avoid having the meter turn off on you while you combine the reagent with the sample (2 minute shake time vs 2 minute auto shutoff.... :( ) Fill both with the appropriate amount of sample. Set one aside with the cap on. Add the reagent to the second and begin the 2 minutes mix/shake. About half way into the shake drop the first non-reagent sample into the meter and calibrate. After you're done shake drop the vial with reagent in an get a reading!

    2) Buy more reagent immediately (or shortly thereafter) as you only get 10ish reagent packets in the kit.
  • Awesome By David on 3/25/14

    This a great meter,I am color blind so these types of meters are a must.
  • Wow! By the shack on 3/22/14

    this is a great meter being in the wastewater industry this meter is just as good as any desktop meter you can buy. They must have reprogramed these meters because mine times out after three minutes which is more than enough time to analyze a sample. The packets they supply are hard to use, however, the reagents out of the box you can buy are fantastic. This is great easy way to measure phosphates accurately, affordably, and fast. Good bye I say to the days of guessing which color is closer for 60 dollars this and a box of reagents are the best invesment for the money you can buy for a sps tank.
  • Less Guess By Tim on 3/20/14

    Finally a low range phosphate test that I don't feel I'm guessing with. I'm surprised the 25 count reagent box doesn't fit properly in the case.
  • Hanna phos checker By guy on 3/18/14

    Beats trying to compare to a color chart which you can not see a difference in. Digital readout is great
  • once again great phos test but not enough reagents By jeff on 2/28/14

    easy to use. simple to read.

    but nowhere does it mention the lack of reagents on the info page. forget that for $50 they could toss in more tests. even if they toss in thirty tests and charge you $60, id be okay with it cus the test is worth it. but i placed a $400 order and could have got the additional reagents with free shipping if it just mentioned that it was needed. but now i had to pay for addition shipping.

    just feels kind of busch league for such a great product bought from such a great company.
  • Outstanding By Ourisland42 on 2/20/14

    Unbelievable! Best money spent. Spend the extra money you will not regret it. Yes the reagent packets can be difficult at first..... I just cut off one corner off the packet (small opening) and tap the powder into the glass container. Works every time for me. No more color wheel / charts! I keep the old color wheel around to remind me of the difficulty / guess work I previously had. When it is time to reorder reagent packets, one look at the color wheel and I don't mind spending the extra money on the packets. Buy larger quantities to save money. No more guessing. As always, LOVE the BRS experience!!!
  • Surprised By Mike on 2/19/14

    I love having this tester. The other tester I used I had to compare colors. Now I just have to read the digital number. It gives me a more accurate reading then my guessing what color it is.

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