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Super Reef Octopus XP1000SSS 6” Space Saver Cone Skimmer

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Super Reef Octopus XP1000SSS 6” Space Saver Cone Skimmer

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  • Protein Skimmer By Sam on 4/13/2014

    Great product doesn't get any better
  • XP 2000 SRO powerhouse By Kasen on 12/13/2013

    I have used this skimmer for over 2yrs now and it never failed me. I'm on the second pump but that was my fault as coralvue sent me an another pump because I complained about the noise and vibration(customer service is brilliant), not realising that the water level might have went down in the sump. Coralvue recommends this pump to work in 6" of water but 9" suited me. Not sure if the voltage difference between pumps makes the difference(110v/60HZ or 240v/50HZ) with the depth and noise levels.
    Pump is very quiet but can hear the air suction. I have used the Deltec, Tunze and Red Sea previously but prefer the XP2000 SRO by miles.
  • Great Skimmer By JC on 5/12/2013

    Performs great and also great price. The bubble blaster pump on it outperforms any other pump because of its low noise and low consumption. Very reliable once tuned in.
  • Greaaaat By Mike on 2/26/2013

    I've had this skimmer for 2 years! Never has done me wrong! Great skimate. I ve had no issues with pumps, still original clean it every 6 months. it's footprint was the biggest plus for me! This thing takes up no room and performs great! Don't hesitate to pull the trigger!
  • Awesome Skimmer A+++ By alejandro on 2/7/2013

    I've had this skimmer for over a year and it is awesome. It produces some very nasty skimate! I was a bit hesitant on the price and decided to buy it. I'm very glad that i did because it works so well. If you are on the fence then I suggest that you go for it. As far as the pump goes, I have not had any issues from it.
  • Whisper quite By Jay on 9/24/2012

    It has super quite operation and was a breeze to dial in. I was hesitant about the price but you definitely get what you pay for, I am aware of possible pump issues but so far so good. It also took up even less room in my sump than i thought it would.
  • GREAT GREAT Skimmer By greg on 9/15/2012

    It's expensive, but worth every penny, especially if you have a smaller sump. This guy skims like a champ and is so easy to adjust with the knob. I keep the water level at around 8 inches and have had no problems.
  • Awesome skimmer By Devlon on 9/10/2012

    I used to fight my skimmer constantly..but not this one. I've been running the reef octopus for several months and couldn't happier. The valve adjuster makes it super easy to adjust. Another great feature is pump 's location. Having the pump "built-in" to the base freed up a lot of room in my sump. Highly recommended.
  • good skimmer By Rdkingjax on 8/13/2012

    I've had this skimmer for approx 6 months and have no problems with it. Break in period took about a week and it has run great ever since. The water in sump be must maintained at a certain level for maximum effectiveness. Get an ATO (automatic top-off) and this will solve that problem.
  • Poor pump design By Liverup on 5/9/2012

    Have had the skimmer for about one year, but only used it for about 6 months. And I'm on my third pump. Coralvue has been good about replacing them but its just a pain in the butt! Thank goodness the pumps have a 3 year warrenty, something tells me I will need to take advantage of it again in the future. If I was buying a new skimmer today it would not be this one!!! And I would advise anyone else to look at something else.

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