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Reef Octopus Classic 2000
Hang-on-the-Back Protein Skimmer

SKU: 204059

  • Excellent product! By Jo on 11/17/2014

    I was a little concerned that it would be difficult to set up after reading other reviews but it was super easy. Started pulling gunk out within a few hours and my tank never looked so good. No micro-bubbles at all. Love it!!!
  • a good skimmer By matthew on 8/23/2014

    Best hang on skimmer I have ever had. I have had it for over a year and it pulls out so much " ". When you go to clean it the scum will be thick and smell horrible.
  • superb skimmer By little reef big coral on 7/22/2014

    Awesome. Deserves 5 stars even with the horrible instructions. wow someone wrote a comment they only clean theirs out once a month.
  • bad equipment By willie on 7/20/2014

    Don't waste your money it will after a few months
  • A BEAST By C Covington on 7/12/2014

    I've used many brands/types of protein skimmers over the years. This one hands down is the most powerful and efficiently designed that I've ever run across. Installation was easy (and leak free) and it started pulling gunk out of my tank within hours after power up. Highly recommended.
  • Great product! By Stephane on 5/1/2014

    I'm new to reefing and i don't have a 'sophisticated' setup with sump or anything like that. I needed a skimmer for my 75gallon and after a lot of internet searching i went with this one.

    I've had it for about 4months now and the only complaint i really have with it is that i had to turn it off twice. once because it got so mucky inside i it was overflowing. so properly cleaning it every month or so helped. bare in mind my tank was still new and settling in so i had algae growing in the skimmer. the other time is when i put some redslime remover to clear the Cyanobacteria bloom i had. A few water changes and i was good to go.

    Overall it's really quiet compared to other models i've seen in person at my LFS (hang on back skimmers). it certainly does the job! within a few minutes of having it on i can start to see the 'crap' thats in my water being skimmed out.
  • awesome skimmer By the shack on 3/22/2014

    This is the best HOB skimmer on the market. After much research and alot of anticipation I finally took the plunge. Boy was it worth it I have a 75 gallon sps tank that I ran skimmerless for a year I had immeasurable nitrates on a red sea nitrate pro colorimetric test kit with zero algae anywhere in the tank. Within one day this skimmer was pulling stuff out and within three days I got 1/4 collection cup full. After a week the skimmate was a nice dark green color and all of my fish and sps displayed even more vibrant color with polyp expansion that was unparalled before. If you arent running a sump this is the best purchase you can make even if you have zero nitrates like I did. The instructions were lacking but if you have a little common sense it should be no problem to figure out how to put it together.
  • Best HOB skimmer i have ever used By Ezra on 1/27/2014

    I would have to say that if you are looking for a HOB protein skimmer this is the one you should look at. After the initial break in period this skimmer is pulling dark skimmate from my tank, and putting a lot less micro bubbles in my tank compared to my old HOB skimmer. I would have to say that the one downfall is the instruction that come with this skimmer are not that well worded or descriptive. As performance goes though i would have to say this skimmer is awesome.
  • Great Skimmer for the price! By Richard on 1/3/2014

    Got the skimmer yesterday and set it up. Within 2 hours it had pulledenough DARK brown skimmate to fill 1/4 of the collection cup. A little on the loud side but worth the trade off
  • Great product for the money By rvickery2 on 12/14/2013

    The 2000 is built solid and pretty quite for the job it is doing. I don't run a sump so the HOB was the only option. After doing research most recommended the Reef Octopus. No regrets

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