Reef Octopus Classic 2000 Hang-on-Back Protein Skimmer

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Reef Octopus Classic 2000 Hang-on-Back Protein Skimmer

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  • It works! By on 12/21/2016

    I've had this skimmer for a few months now. I was surprised by the extremely short break-in period and the amount of waste it started collecting right away. Going HOB was the perfect solution for my Uniquarium, which has a ridiculously small space on the back for a skimmer. I did have to search in Youtube to figure out how to put it together since it really has no instructions. But it works, does it's job and I'm happy.
  • Working thanks to ONALASKABILL! Still too loud for living area... By on 11/30/2016

    I was getting extremely irritated with this skimmer until I read the review from ONALASKABILL. I have the skimmer on a timer to avoid the few hours we spend in the same room with the tank watching TV, as it is pretty loud (100% pump noise, no gurgling, etc.). Unfortunately, it would overflow each time it turned on, unless I was there to adjust the collection cup way up (and then back down, or it wouldn't collect anything...). I took off the elbow in the return, and it is like night and day. It pulls way more out, and never even comes close to overflowing.

  • A++ By on 10/30/2016

    Works like a champ!
  • Works great after some tweaking By on 4/30/2016

    I guess I should start off by saying the skimmer is working fine now. But I did have some issues until I figured it out.

    As noted by others, the "instruction manual" is a bad joke. I'll just leave it at that.

    After I got it put together and hung on the aquarium, upon powering up, it immediately started pumping clear foam into the collection cup that filled the cup in a few seconds, even with the cup set very high. I put the air valve thingie back on and cut off some of the air to get it to stop flowing into the cup. At this point the skimmer was blasting bubbles into the outflow chamber and into the aquarium. Also, the water was gurgling up a storm on the outlet pipe. I decided to let it settle for a few days to "break in", but I was close to packing this up for a return trip.

    I was curious what would happen in the case of a short term power failure so I did some testing. When cutting off the power for a few seconds and then back on, 50% of the time the outflow chamber would overflow water onto the floor. Well, that won't work. In addition, the microbubbles were crawling up between the body and the cup and dripping onto the floor. I had to tie a rag around the skimmer to soak up the water as it bubbled out. If I lowered the cup so the bubbles would not creep up, the cup would fill with white foam in a few seconds. I would have to live with the aquarium any time the skimmer was running?

    I tried putting some bubble foam in the outlet chamber but that did nothing to help. While removing that, I knocked off the elbow piece on the outlet pipe, and it was like a miracle happened. The skimmer sopped putting bubbles into the tank, the cup stopped overflowing, no gurgling, and the bubbles stopped creeping up the side of the cup. Apparently the water LEVEL is the key to the whole thing.

    I can only assume now that this skimmer was designed for a rimless aquarium with the water level an inch or two below the top. I have a standard rimmed aquarium and like to keep my water level near the top so one cannot see a space between the water level and the plastic rim.
    This was my downfall. Rather than keep my aquarium level down 2 inches, I just left the elbow off of the outlet pipe.

    The skimmer now works like a champ. I get a quarter inch of "dark tea" per day. I have a very light load with only 4 small fish in a 75 gallon setup that is only 4 weeks old. I have no doubt that this skimmer will do well even after I add more fish in the coming weeks.
  • AMAZING Skimmer By on 4/13/2016

    This is probably one of, if not the best skimmers that I have owned in the past seven years. I need to clean this DAILY. It pulls out gallons of extremely dark, nastly, and smelly skimmate. Though it it labeled for approx 125 gallon tanks I would not put it on anything bigger than 60 gallons. Anyways, amazing skimmer and I would reccomended it to everyone.
  • Have had mine for three yrs now .Looks new yet Love it Works it turn it on wala. I empty mine once a week clean whole thing twise yr. By on 4/12/2016

    Just get it you wont regret it !
  • Leaky skimmer By on 11/6/2015

    got the skimmer, assembled it according to figure and online video that coralvue has, leaked from the elbow unit connecting the pump, customer support was fast and responsive. But still leaky after 3 elbow, returning the unit. Cannot afford having a leaky HOB skimmer where the leak is on the OUTSIDE if the aquarium...
  • In Progress By on 10/18/2015

    Just installed this baby, let's see how it works! Was a breeze to setup but did get quite a few micro bubbles...
  • I'm Impressed! By on 9/21/2015

    I was quite surprised to see the amount of gunk removed from my water. My only complaint is it doesn't have an adjustable stop bar on the outside to always set back on in that sweet spot. I would not hesitate to buy another just like it if I ever have to replace.
  • Good Skimmer! By on 5/27/2015

    Good skimmer, was a bit to get started, had tons of microbubbles, but they settled down in about a week. After that its been no trouble.