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Reef Octopus Classic 150EXT 6”
Recirculating Protein Skimmer

SKU: 204065

  • Good skimmer By Shawn on 10/26/2014

    I run this skimmer on a 125 and it works great.
  • Nice skimmer for external use if you can not fit a large skimmer in your sump. By Brennen on 3/26/2014

    I like this skimmer, It is not quiet. Lots of bubbles and works very well. I use this on my 80 gallon system with pellets and zeovit works great at pulling out the bacteria. MAJOR CON with external use. IT WILL FLOOD YOUR FLOOR! I've had this happen about 5 times and my girlfriend gets pissed every time. you have to set the water line at the neck of the cup to have it overflow into the collection cup properly. If you are off slightly and do not check it. It will quickly fill up and overflow all over your floor. Id recommend using this with apex leak detection. Or just be sure to double check your skimmer after adjusting it. check again 30 minutes after you set it, it will change. Note that the sump has to be no taller than 13" for external use unless you are able to boost up the base of the skimmer.
  • great product By buck fever on 2/28/2013

    I'm new to this hobby , I hooked mine up external to 125 gal. With 33gal. Sump. I don't have a lot of fish and coral yet, 3days in good color at top already. FYI 1 1/4 pvc fits inside large adapter and 1/2 pvc fits inside small adapter.
  • Great Skimmer By Marcus on 10/2/2012

    This skimmer has been up and running on my 120 gallon FOLR set up with a very heavy bio load in it and it produces great dark black skim mate.. My only wish is that it didn't have metric plumbing parts
  • OOOOOOHHH FOAMY! By Tyson on 9/23/2012

    This is the best skimmer I have ever owned.... and only the second one. But that does not mean I am biased on the subject. I know I could have spent a lot more money and gotten a Deltec or a Vertex, but for the money you get a lot of skimmer here. I have mine external, but you can go in-sump if you like. I have mine fed off my main return pump AND my bio-pellet reactor which makes for some really NASTY skimmate.

  • Great skimmer! By Charles on 3/21/2012

    Put this on a 125gl mixed reef, started working almost instantly. Took a little tweaking to get the flow through right, but it's been smooth sailing ever since.
  • Promises to be a great buy By Chris on 12/14/2011

    Got the skimmer over the TG weekend for my 90G build. Since the build is still in progress I don't have actual action review yet. But... the 150 looks like a really high quality product. Very well made and put together. Comes w/the gate valve, not the wedge pipe as some pictures seem to show. The pump looks like a tank. Also, not too many people know this, but you can upgrade the pump to the Bubble Blaster 2000 for this skimmer, it is made to fit - got this info from tech support @ CoralVue, which btw is outstanding. The BRS guys are great too, pre and post sale, but you probably already know this if you are shopping here.
  • great skimmer By Lori on 7/3/2011

    Using on a 75 gallon mixed reef. the amount of crap pulled out is amazing. After some tweaking it is pretty much set and forget.

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