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Reef Octopus NWB150 6” Pinwheel
In Sump Protein Skimmer

SKU: 204062

  • Impressive Skimmer By Ryan on 4/14/14

    This thing just looks impressive sitting in the sump. Well made and solid construction. The instructions indicate that it will work best in 6-10 inches of water but there are no markings on the outside of the skimmer. Would be nice if there were some marks to indicate the desired operating level. Overall nice build and collection cap does have a tube for draining, which I don't see advertised.
  • Excellent By Bradley on 3/12/14

    Let me start by saying "Don't Drop the body!" Before I even hooked up this skimmer, I dropped it and cracked the body. Luckily, Coralife sold me a new body for $80. I've since "healed" the cracks with weldon 5.

    Asides from that, Awesome skimmer. Started producing skimmate a couple days after I started it.
  • WOW WHAT A SKIMMER!!!!! By James on 3/7/14

    All I can say is WOW what an awesome skimmer!!!! You can't a better skimmer for the price...this thing is a beasy in my 50g sps system it was making some skimmate the first day and only took about 3 days to fully break in and is running like a champ!!!! Not to loud I mean sure u can hear the air being pulled in if your close to it but I can't hear it outside the stand and all the other sounds pretty well drown it out when the doors open. Makes a ton of micro bubbles and holds its level without much adjustment its just an all around bada$$ skimmer!!!!!
  • Well built By DE on 3/3/14

    Opened the box and was surprised at the quality. Thick acrylic looks like you could never break it.
  • Got as a Gift By jeffrey on 2/22/14

    Got this as a gift from wife, great product and fast shipping.. only thing I would suggest is BRS should set up and have a person wishlist easy to view buy others like they do on amazon. Wife wanted to get me something for my tank and knows I am picky, so I had to actually sign on to my wish list and show her and let her buy it with me knowing not much of a surprise but happy over all
  • cool By Robert on 1/23/14

    nice skimmer
  • Good product for the money By Nicholas on 1/16/14

    Skimmer is ok. It skims but not like others do. Water level has to be inches from the top of the collection cup, way over SPEC. Imho Needs to have a silencer modication, output sounds like a waterfall. I modified the impeller, as I don't think it creates fine enough bubbles. I think the venturi should be forced air induction. I do suggest an auto neck cleaner in addition.
  • Amazing Quality By Zach on 9/23/13

    This skimmer does everything it needs to do, and does it very well. It is well built with quality acrylic, a quality gate valve, and so far the pump works great. This model does not come with an air adjustment, but I'm going to tell you, it does not need one. The pump produces tons of micro bubbles. All in all, this is a great skimmer, especially for the price.

    NOTE: During the break in period, connect the collection cup drain tube and let it run right back into the sump. I had mine set a little too high and the skimmer went nuts for a while before it was broke in all the way and my collection tube was outside of the sump in a jug, well the jug overflowed and put about 2 gallons on the floor. THIS WAS NOT THE SKIMMERS FAULT. So just to avoid any mess during break in, let the skimmer overflow run right into the sump via the collection cup drain line.
  • Awesome quality and performance for le$$ By Bob on 9/21/13

    I bought this skimmer as an upgrade for my 50 gallon mixed reef. The pump is quieter than the water draining from the outlet. The airline is large in diameter and very supple. Also a silicone drain hose is included. In general, I am impressed with the performance, and it was working full steam less than 24 hours after installation.

    A few nitpicks: The riser pipe for the gate valve is so short I had to raise the skimmer so it was only sitting in 5.5" of water (CoralVue recommends 6-10) so the outlet was not partially submerged. There is a metric to American adapter, but if you want to use it you will need both the riser pipe and a new American sized gate valve. The gate valve itself is very cheaply made. The black bottom on the collection cup makes the first 3/4" skimmate look darker than it really is.
  • Affordable and worthwhile! By Randy on 9/17/13

    All around great skimmer. This is was my first in-sump skimmer and I couldn't be happier with its performance and ease of use. The gate valve is very easy to adjust in minor increments which allows for precise skimming levels. GREAT product!

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