Reef Octopus Classic 150INT 6” Internal Protein Skimmer

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Reef Octopus Classic 150INT 6” Internal Protein Skimmer

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  • Great Skimmer By mjs020294 on 1/16/2015

    Added this skimmer to my 90g new build and I would highly recommend it. Had it wet within ten minutes of opening the box and it was producing skim within ten minutes. Its still breaking in but its so easy to control the bubble column that its been producing decent skim since day one.

    Very well made and does the job as advertised.

  • Very Good Skimmer for the $ By Terri on 12/27/2014

    This is my second RO; for a large frag tank (have one on a 40B). For the money, I doubt if you could find one better right now. Twenty-four hours and producing very good skimmate. Two things I would change are: the pump, as was stated above, the skimmer will tiltfall over when it is empty and must be positioned at an angle in the sump to level it...second, I would have additional places to mount the air intake. Because of my sump configuration, the air intake and tubing is in my way when removing the collection cup:9( Performance and price makes this a very good buy!
  • High Quality By William on 11/7/2014

    I really like the quality of the construction. Also, it fits my sump perfectly. It is very quiet as well!

    Only a couple changes I would make. When the pump is installed, it wants to fall over when not running. Pump has to be angles to rest partly on the bottom to get it to stay upright.
  • No complaints here ! By Jeff Laliberte on 9/9/2014

    I have an Aquac EV-240 on my first system and it's a workhorse, but on my second system I just set up I wanted to see if I could do it without spending the small fortune I spent on the first one. It's half the price of the EV-240 and seems to be doing great and this one comes with a pump, what a deal.
  • Great Skimmer By Todd on 9/6/2014

    I have the nwb150 6" Skimmer in my 20gal sump for my 90gal display reef tank. I have nothing but good things to say about the reef octopus brand mine works great.
  • Sufficient By Ben on 6/5/2014

    This thing is big, a bit loud, takes a long time to break in, sucks up juice, and can not be fine tuned (for those of you who get strokes at the sight of big bubbles), but its solid, cheap(er), and works like a power house. The jeep of protein skimmers. If your tank is within the size limit of this skimmer, it will get the job done.
  • Impressive Skimmer By Ryan on 4/14/2014

    This thing just looks impressive sitting in the sump. Well made and solid construction. The instructions indicate that it will work best in 6-10 inches of water but there are no markings on the outside of the skimmer. Would be nice if there were some marks to indicate the desired operating level. Overall nice build and collection cap does have a tube for draining, which I don't see advertised.
  • Excellent By Bradley on 3/12/2014

    Let me start by saying "Don't Drop the body!" Before I even hooked up this skimmer, I dropped it and cracked the body. Luckily, Coralife sold me a new body for $80. I've since "healed" the cracks with weldon 5.

    Asides from that, Awesome skimmer. Started producing skimmate a couple days after I started it.
  • WOW WHAT A SKIMMER!!!!! By James on 3/7/2014

    All I can say is WOW what an awesome skimmer!!!! You can't a better skimmer for the price...this thing is a beasy in my 50g sps system it was making some skimmate the first day and only took about 3 days to fully break in and is running like a champ!!!! Not to loud I mean sure u can hear the air being pulled in if your close to it but I can't hear it outside the stand and all the other sounds pretty well drown it out when the doors open. Makes a ton of micro bubbles and holds its level without much adjustment its just an all around bada$$ skimmer!!!!!
  • Well built By DE on 3/3/2014

    Opened the box and was surprised at the quality. Thick acrylic looks like you could never break it.

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