Reef Octopus Classic 110INT 4” Internal Protein Skimmer

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Reef Octopus Classic 110INT 4” Internal Protein Skimmer

SKU: 204061
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  • quiet By j roush on 12/16/2014

    this skimmer is super quiet and started skimming immediatly
  • Good but. . . By Ryan on 11/25/2014

    This is a great skimmer but in the first year I've already had to replace an impeller because it broke in half. other than that its a great skimmer and the smell of the liquid coming out is like sewage so that's nice.
  • Perfect fit By Johnny Sea on 10/25/2014

    I have a small sump and had very limited space. This skimmer works very well and easy to adjust.
  • Great skimmer for a good price. By Camellia on 10/9/2014

    I've been using this skimmer for over a year and have had it on two builds. Currently it's on a 75 gallon with 20 gallon sump and still working like a champ.
    I was a newbie when I bought this, it was my first skimmer and I had little problems getting it dialed in and skimming nice.
    It needs a good vinegar bath every 6 months or so for best performance.
  • Great Skimmer By Jordo on 9/25/2014

    This is an excellent entry level skimmer. I purchased this for my new 75G build. I have a total water volume of 90ish gallons and this skimmer keeps up great. Started to produce good dark gunk after 3 or 4 days of breaking in. 1st week it was really dark the started to lighten up so I know it outperforms at my level of bioload. Excellent performance for its price point. I would recommend!
  • Works By Skrappy on 8/31/2014

    Works well, easy to install.
  • Good Skimmer By DE on 8/25/2014

    This is a good skimmer and I like how it works, but I have to say that in the beginning I had problem adjusting the foam level in it and I did a modification to it that worked well. Basically, I added two control valves on the skimmers air intake; this way I precisely managed and controlled the level of foam. That being said, I think the manufacturer should have done this in the first place. Anyway, it works great now. Anyone, who has the same problem email me and I will send you instructions on how to do it.
  • Good Quality Skimmer for a Fair Price By Chris on 7/22/2014

    I ran this skimmer for about 7 months on about 85 gallons of system water with no problems and good results. Relatively quiet pump for the price. Pulled good skimate after about a week, but continually got even better once fully broken in and dialed in.
  • Value By q on 7/16/2014

    for the price, it works wonder. using this skimmer on a 75 gallon with no problem
  • Great skimmer value By John on 7/7/2014

    I have a 75 gallon mixed reef with a 29 gallon aquarium used for my sump, divided into three chambers. This skimmer fits nicely into my first chamber. After shopping around and reading the reviews I am glad I bought this one. I have had it for 18 months now and it is still working great.

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