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Reef Octopus NWB110 4” Pinwheel
In Sump Protein Skimmer

SKU: 204061

  • great skimmer for the price By George on 4/16/14

    I got this skimmer for my 65 gallon reef to replace a he essopps. The skimmer works great started pulling skimate almost imediately.
  • Great skimmer By KEVIN on 4/2/14

    Started pulling skin mate same day. Instructions could be better but I figured it out.
  • Great skimmer for price By Jabaar on 3/19/14

    You cant find a better skimmer for under $200. Very solid, they said it would take a couple of weeks to break it in. Only a couple of days for me. I have it on my 65 gal. and i'll bee able to heavy stock it cause of this skimmer. Only neg- it's hard to clean the bottom chamber.
  • Hate it By Scott on 3/17/14

    Even after a number of mods and pump upgrade, this skimmer is garbage. Needs constant tweaking and just doesnt seem to do a very good job. Currently looking for a new skimmer.
  • Reef Octopus all the way By Gary on 2/23/14

    Switched to reef octopus from a cheaper skimmer and wish i would have spent the extra money on this in the beginning. Will tell you that this skimmer will work better if you have an Auto Top Off controller so the water level stays consistent in the sump. Once dialed in this skimmer is excellent. I have this running on a 75 gallon mixed reef, with 7 fish. Skimmer is in a 29 gallon sump, in about 6 inches of water.
  • instructions, or lack of is a real issue By MarkD on 2/4/14

    I'm new to this hobby. The INSTRUCTIONS that come with the unit are poor. If you contact the manufacturer for help they get defensive and will tell you there is nothing wrong with their product. If you don't have a auto top of and a part in your skimmer that is not effected by water evaporation don't by this unit.
  • Dont Know If I Would Buy Again By Scott on 1/9/14

    The price on this skimmer is the best part about it. Its fairly well built but I dont know if the performance is there. Seems like I have to constantly mess with it and I dont think I'm getting the best skimmate. I ordered some upgrades for it from CoralVue so we will see if those help improve the performance.
  • Awesome skimmer By Derek on 1/3/14

    have this set up in my 20gallon sump for my 60gallon cube. It does an awesome job pulling out the waste.
  • Awesome Skimmer By Tyler on 1/2/14

    This skimmer meets all my needs in my 40 breeder. i have had it for a month and it works great. Octopus skimmers are definitely quality items.
  • highly recommend By mike on 12/25/13

    This skimmer is super easy to put together and doesn't take a lot of room up in your sump, it is also easy to dial in.

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