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Elos Omega Amino Acids 90 mL

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Elos Omega Amino Acids 90 mL

SKU: 300203
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  • Best amino acid supplements on the market By Dave on 12/20/2014

    I've used a ton of snake oil supplements but this one is the real deal! Very concentrated compared to most
  • Massive Improvement By Mark on 10/24/2014

    I can't say yet for certain about most of my coral. But after just a few days my war coral looks like I have NEVER seen before. The "eyes" seem to have doubled in size and the color is very different. My starry night seems to have much more growth indications. And I have barely begun to ramp up the dose. So far no crazy cyano growth. I turn the skimmer off for several hours after I dose. I am wondering if dosing makes more sense in the morning or evening.
  • Very good stuff!! By A grandis on 7/29/2013

    I'm a believer in amino acids' addition, so this was one more product to the list.
    The immediate thing I've noticed is the concentration. It is so good to be able to use concentrated products. It will probably last longer!!
    I don't have hard corals. My system is basically for zoanthids and fishes, and this will drive your zoas crazy!
    I'm very happy to try the product!
    Make sure you store the bottle in a dry cool dark place.

  • test By test on 4/18/2013

  • guess I'm the odd man out By Gene on 3/31/2013

    100% waste of money, in my case. Had no effect at all, except at growing cyano. Sorry. This is not the review I had hoped to give.
  • One Dose and I Saw Results!!! By Shane on 2/8/2013

    This is my first review on BRS... I have purchased many things from here and I offer an unbiased opinion.
    I have a 300+ system heavy coral's both hard and soft. My display is upstairs and plumbed to the basement frag tank and sump.
    My softies always did great but I wanted more extension of hard coral polyps...milli's. So I tried Elos Amino Acids. I added it right to the display tank in the PM. I woke up and all the milli's had the whisper polyp's out full bore. Now this has not been the case for a long time and I hadn't done anything different but add the Amino Acids. Yes it has only been 12 hours but that to me is astounding! I will wait another month and update this post...
    For $30 bucks do it for the health of your tank...
  • Worth the money for the colors you get By Andy on 11/28/2012

    This stuff will improve colors in SPS tremendously. The initial price tag seems like a lot, but a bottle has lasted me three years for my 60 gallon tank. I was skeptical until I saw an SPS tank in person that had ridiculous colors. The owner said he used this stuff so I bought it. After about a week, you will see a noticeable difference.
  • great product By evan on 9/9/2012

    I really noticed polyp extension after starting to use this product
  • LOVE THE STUFF By ROGERWILCO357 on 8/12/2012

    Love the Stuff , the acro's and corals in general just look alot healthier and while getting my tanks po4 and no3 down this comes in handy while stripping the tank down , also love the size best bang for the buck compared to other Amino Acids ..
  • AWESOME By ROGERWILCO357 on 6/22/2012

    Love the size and value for A product that produces ..

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