Finnex HMO Heater w/ Digital LED Controller

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Finnex HMO Heater w/ Digital LED Controller

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HMO-50 Finnex Heater
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HMO-300 Finnex Heater
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  • One Month By on 2/6/2017

    Ceased to operate after only one month of use.
  • Both failed By on 1/22/2017

    Within the first year both heaters failed. Luckily I had a Reefkeeper plus that alerted me to the failure.
  • JUST NO By on 1/8/2017

    Do not buy this heater, this heater doesn't stay at desired temperature! Trust me!
  • Horrible Heater DO NOT BUY By on 12/14/2016

    Bought the 300W for my 75 G reef tank, installed last night only to wake up to a very cold tank. Checked the controller, saying it 78 degree when my apex as well as my other temp probe confirming it is 75 degree. Set the temp controller on the heater to 92, Heater still shut off. Returning this piece of crap. Going back to Aqueon Pro Heaters
  • Do not Buy By on 11/5/2016

    I wish i would have read a couple of reviews before i bought these heaters and BRS should remove them from their website. I have them connected to a reefkeeper lite and they can't hold the 78 degree temperature. I have both units set at 92 so that they stay on all the time but they shut off all the time and say the temperature in the tank is 88 on one and 92 on another. when the reefkeepeer keeps them on because they can't hit the temperature. Very disappointed.
  • Good heater, but don't trust built in controller By on 9/29/2016

    The unit seems to be made of quality materials, but the controller isn't to be trusted. I'm using a Reefkeeper Lite to keep my tank stable, so it's not an issue for me. When used without a separate controller, the heater can't keep a stable temperature. It fluctuated about 5 degrees when using its built in controller.
  • Great Product By on 8/1/2016

    Works consistently and accurately. Thanks.
  • Excellent product! By on 6/29/2016

    This was the easiest heater to set temp to. I got the 300 watt and it's not overly big. Smaller than another name brand heater it replaced.
  • Awesome By on 5/29/2016

    Great heater for under the $50.00 range.. The thermostat that is build in is dead on with my with my temp controller.. HIGHLY recommended...
  • Great heater, but integrated thermocouple causes issues. By on 5/8/2016

    I have two of these. 75@ with the separate thermal probe and a 300W with the integrated thermal probe.

    I have the 300W heater on a 130-gal system with a 79-F set point. The water temperature of that system, as measured by a calibrated digital hand-held meter, reads 76-F when the Finnex controller displays 79.
    If I unplug the Finnex heater for 15 minutes and plug it back it, the digital display shows a temperature of 76-F for about 30-45 seconds. But, after the heater has been on all that time, the digital display on the Finnex climbs and within 2-3 minutes reaches the 79-F set-point, at which time the heating element turns off. A sample of the water reads 76-F with the hand-held digital thermocouple.
    I believe that by integrating the Finnex temperature sensor into the heater body itself, leads of a falsely elevated temperature. I can choose to simply raise the set-point of this heater to 82-F and cross-check with my hand-held, but I am taking a risk by relying on a temperature bias that might not be there one day.

    I still recommend this heater for it stability, clean-ability, durability. But I am planning to by a separate external thermal controller . I believe this will work, as the Finnex retains its set-point during power loss. I’ll just have to get okay with the idea that every time the external controller turns on power to the heater I will hear a quiet beep.