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Finnex HMO Heater w/ Digital LED Controller

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Finnex HMO Heater w/ Digital LED Controller


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HMO-50 Finnex Heater
SKU: 300120
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HMO-100 Finnex Heater
SKU: 300121
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HMO-150 Finnex Heater
SKU: 300122
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HMO-200 Finnex Heater
SKU: 300123
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HMO-300 Finnex Heater
SKU: 300124
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  • Great So Far By WLR on 3/6/2015

    Heater has been installed for about two weeks and has held the set temperature fine. Unit appears to be calibrated correctly as I have checked it against a glass thermometer. If the unit has any issues I will update the review to let others know my experience. Right now though its rocking!
  • Great Heater for this Newbie By Whitney on 2/4/2015

    I purchased this one because of its all-in-one capability, i.e. the digital reader attached to the heater. After the initial beeping of the digital reader because my water was cooler than 64 degrees, it has been perfect! I would purchase another one for sure.
  • Good Solid Product By Bob on 2/2/2015

    Very Easy and Simple to configure and install --- consistent temperature -- will be purchasing more in the future.
  • Great Product By Michael on 1/7/2015

    This heater seems to be much more consistent than the glass heater I use on my freshwater setup and the digital display makes getting the temperature set very easy. I have 2, one is off by 2 degrees and the other by 1 degree, but the product description does say it's accurate to +/- 2 degrees. Easy enough to adjust once you know how accurate the one you get truly is.
  • Great Product By Doug on 1/3/2015

    I purchased this heater to replace a one of the "name bran" glass heaters that i have used in my tank, the glass heaters that i have used have only worked about a year at best before failing in the on position, I like the fact that the temp probe is separate for the heater. works well and very accurate
  • It heats your water By suffolk reef on 12/31/2014

    Got this to replace the glass heater that will eventually break. i use it in-conjunction with my Apex system. does exactly what it was designed to do. heat my water with the Apex i only get a .8 degree swing at max.
  • Great product easy to use By Justin on 12/15/2014

    I've been very pleased with this heater it keeps my daughter's 37 gallon tank within about 1/2 Degree F. It's only a couple months old so how long it will last is unknown. Compared to the previous heater that had 2+ degree flux throughout the day this one is much better. The unit is a bit bulky, but for the price you can't go wrong.
  • so far so good! By ryanpal on 12/13/2014

    working a lot better than my hydor heater that i had. it has a digital reader that seems calibrated pretty accurately.
  • Great Heater By cknyland on 12/8/2014

    Very accurate heater and convenient with digital readout. Great price as well.
  • Good heater By Noah on 12/5/2014

    So far, so good for this heater. I like the rubber caps on the end of the heater that keep it from directly contacting the sump. I also like that they give a long wire to the sensor so you get reading from somewhere besides right next to the heater.

    If the durability is good, I'll be ordering this product again.

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