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Finnex Deluxe Titanium Heating Tube

  • Great Product By PotteryMan on 11/18/2014

    I purchased the 500 watt heater and run it using a controller. Works great.
  • First Titanium Heater By Lee on 11/15/2014

    This was my first titanium heater I ever purchased (800watt). I love the idea of not worrying about it breaking/cracking. I hooked it up to a ranco controller that came with a setup I purchased and it is maintaining accurate temperature. No complaints. Very happy.
  • great By dominick on 11/13/2014

    I have the finnex 800 watt and it keeps my 265 gallons of water at a steady 80 degrees im using reefkeeper to control it best heater iv purchased!no more glass for me lol.
  • Just Installed By Tom on 11/8/2014

    I live in Wisconsin and my current 150 Watt wasn't doing the job. I wanted something small to fit in my sump Refugium. This was the smallest I could find. The 300 watt has no problem heating my tank. I use the Apex to control it.
  • Not so great By Robert on 10/19/2014

    I liked the idea of this heater. I could control it with my reefkeeper and liked the idea that it wasn't glass, felt like it was safer. I was upgrading my tank to a larger tank and started unplugging things one at a time. I removed my grounding probe and my next reach into the tank came with a shock. I removed each piece of equipment one at a time to find out what it was and narrowed it down to my 500w Finnex Deluxe Heater. I contact Finnex as it was their warranty issue, not BRS's and they asked if the cord was damaged, it was not. They told me "it is grounded, that's why the cord has three prongs"....really? Even if the ground helps alleviate the problem, that is still stray voltage, I don't care how you look at it. Their solution was to offer me a discount on another heater so that I can shock myself again in a few months.

    No thanks.
  • AWESOME By Jeremy on 10/13/2014

    I love this heater, its smaller then other heaters ive used and is way quicker to heat up. Hooked it up to my controller and it performs so well I'll never look back.

    Packaging was funny as it was mis-spelt "Unbeakable" but that just means they focus on their product and not the box.

    Don't hesitate!
  • First Impressions By Ben on 10/4/2014

    I bought the 800w heater for a 180g frag system I am building. Now I haven't had a chance to even plug this thing in yet, but wow. This heater is a work of art. It is heavy, obviously quality construction, and it just looks impressive. I'll follow up after a few months of use.
  • Love these heaters! By Reefgeek on 9/16/2014

    Been using titanium heating tubes for as long as i can remember reefing. Have never had a problem, just make sure to hook it up to a reliable controller (cough cough..Apex). I have two 500W on my 300G and could not be happier.
  • This heater works get but fails after 4 months By Robert on 8/12/2014

    I purchased the 500w heater and after 4 1/2 months it started to shock me when I put my hand in the tank I got ahold of finnex and they told be if the damage was due to water I would have to pay for the repair and the shipping back to me. on top of paying to ship it to them . I thought Heaters were to go in water. will never buy again
  • Bought two. Both SHOCKED me right from the box. By John on 7/20/2014

    I bought two of these for my 220 gal reef build.
    upon putting them in my sump and plugging them in. BOTH leaked current badly. Putting my hand in the water to move them in the sump and I could feel the current in the water. touching each one gave me a very nice shock.
    Total chinese junk. If this is how bad their quality control is, they dont need to be selling merchandise to the public.

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