JBJ True Temp Digital Heater Controller

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JBJ True Temp Digital Heater Controller

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  • Poor quality produtct. By Dan on 10/13/2014

    Accidentally drop it from like 1' and It died. I've opened it up and find out that transformer on the PCB popped out! What a joke how loose soldering should be to let it fall out of it's place? Skip this product.
  • 1 year in By Ray on 1/18/2014

    The probe went bad. I was basing my temperature only from the digital display. I noticed increase algae and corals where starting to close/die. then noticed increased evaporation. purchased a basic mercury thermometer an found I was running at about 87.5 - 88 degrees and my display said 78-79. I contacted JBJ and they said they have seen this problem multiple times and they were willing to sell me a new probe for around $20 plus shipping.

    This could have been avoided if I calibrated my heater before connecting to the JBJ. Which if you purchase this product I strongly recommend to calibrate your heater to prevent overheating.

    Currently I am running and Ehiem jager which is seem bullet proof so far but I plan on purchasing an APEX Neptune redundancy.

  • Garbage By Richard on 11/23/2013

    Had 2 of them and both failed within a year. Poorly made, both of the temperature controllers would not read any temps.
  • Worst Company By Daniel on 6/18/2013

    I bought this heater, had it stick on and I caught it before it overheated the system. The probe was faulty so I replaced it with a brand new JBJ probe. Less than 3 month later the probe goes out and the tank is at 92+ degrees Fahrenheit, killing countless SPS. Wrote an email to the company and no response. Beware JBJ products.
  • Get ssomething else By David on 6/17/2013

    Had mine for about 8 months, then the Er message kicked on and the heaters never came on. Luckily my OCD kicked in and found the water temp around 74*, before it got too low and killed the reef/fish.
  • Great Product By Douglas on 4/25/2013

    The controller does the trick. This time of year one day with A/C on and the nexted the heater kicks on. So far this unit has adjusted well except the 2 degree tempture swing.
  • Not good By Mike on 2/10/2013

    My friend and I both bought one of these and both went out quickly. Mine said 45 degrees making the heater never turn off. Came home to 100 degree tank and 14 dead fish !!! DO NOT BUY THIS GARBAGE!
  • failed twice in 5 months By Nathan on 4/11/2012

    I bought this at Christmas but the controller arrived broken so JBJ agreed to replace it. 5 months later, I came home and the controller registed my temp at 0 degrees regardless of the actual temp, stuck the heater on, and killed my established reef that I've kept for 8 years. Never trust this controller
  • It does the trick By Ray on 2/14/2012

    I agree with craig it is a nice product but i dislike the 2 degree swing i also wish it was only 1 degree.
  • Don't hesitate! By Frank on 4/28/2011

    Works great, some complain of the temp swing. Basically, you set it at 78 and the heater will turn on around 77 and turn off just above 78.

    I see no problems with this as most tanks seem to heat themselves due to the lighting used. I needed something that would not allow my heater to nuke my tank, which had already happened. That same day I came here and bought two, life lesson 1,045 learned. A small price to pay.

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