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JBJ AquaScraper Kit (4-in-1 Cleaning Kit)

SKU: 206113

  • Simple tool that does the job By KEITH on 4/9/14

    The different heads interchange with ease and snap on without fail.Will not take care of all glass cleaning but is a nice addition in specific situations.
  • Works well By Jschoen on 3/29/14

    removed coraline algae without an issue scrubber also works very well. The long handle makes it great.
  • so happy with it! By Carlos B. on 3/24/14

    It does what it supposed to do...clean algae from the glass and very easy to use I can't complain.
  • Useful By Adam on 3/14/14

    I use this to clean my tanks glass and shift around the sand etc… Its east to switch out the various attachments. It serves its purpose.
  • Very good product By Andrew on 2/8/14

    This thing is awesome. The rounded scrubber has made it so much easier to get the algae buildup on the front corners of the of my BioCube. The rake is also very useful. Great price!
  • Made from real heavy duty frame By Jrpapiz on 11/11/13

    This product has been much better than the other ones I have used before. It helps you rake the sand , easy to clean the glass
  • Works great By Kristie on 5/30/13

    I have the 3ft version and it works great. I can reach the back corners with no problem and still have handle out of tank so I can use more pressure. I have a 55 bow and it works on an angle to clean the front. I would recommend this tool!
  • Great By cdbstl76 on 3/4/13

    I really like the slotted attachment. It really helped me clean some things in the sand.
  • It works. By TridentSSBN on 11/24/12

    Not my favorite tool, but it works. The plastic scraper works marginal at best, but the other attachments help to make up for its lack luster performance.
  • good cleaner By jonathan on 8/9/12

    This thing does a great job cleaning. It is not a most have but if you are looking for cleaning supplies then give this thing a try.

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