JBJ A.T.O. Water Level Controller

JBJ A.T.O. Water Level Controller
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JBJ A.T.O. Water Level Controller

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  • Positive Review By Jason on 2/16/2016

    I am running the JBJ ATO on my 27 gallon cube with the eshopps sump. I highly recommend watching the videos and setting the ATO with Sensor A triggering the pump and flipping Sensor B around to shut the pump off if the water volume gets to high in the sump.
  • Money Well Spent By Chris on 1/4/2016

    Easy setup, straightforward indicators, and well priced. I haven't had any issues at all in months of use, and little to no build-up on the floats. I do still clean them with my sump maintenance, and splash some water on them to stave off salt creep now and again. I do like having the second float as an off switch as recommend by the BRS video. Will buy again if I need another.
  • Same story different person By josh on 12/22/2015

    I recently had this product working well for about a month or two. Switched it to a different tank and now the red light goes on for instilling water and does not go off, switched sensors, power on and off, no kinks in sensors, it just does not work. Very disappointing. Had a great start
  • Nice By Phand on 12/19/2015

    I purchased this with a nice pump very reliable and cost effective
  • Disappointed By Sad Panda on 12/1/2015

    Biggest thing I found was that if I have power outages even for a minute or two when the power comes back on the ATO turns on the pump for about 10 seconds "no matter what the water level is". If you have several power stops and starts like when they are trying to get the power on after a storm you could end up with a flood.
  • doesn't work properly By azreef on 3/13/2015

    Came out of box looking good, but after setting up it does not want to turn on the pump when needed. Just lights up red indicating water level low, but the relay does not turn on unit. Disappointing!
  • Works Great! By Reefer on 2/4/2015

    I've had this unit up and running for 5 months now with no issues what so ever. Very easy to set up and install. I clean the float off that sits in my sump once a month to make sure no debris is caught in it and can cause it to malfunction. I like the different install options you can do with this unit. I have my floats installed so one is in my sump and tells it when the water level is low, and the other is in my reserve pump so it kills power to my pump when the water level gets too low so it won't burn out my pump.
  • Automated is better By David on 1/17/2015

    I use to use a on/off timer to add RO water throughout the day, the JBJ is SO much easier.
  • Great Value By DanoSiena on 1/5/2015

    Took me a little while to get it up and running, but my tank has been rock solid since. Great buy so far!
  • good at first but didn't last By Keep with the program dori on 12/17/2014

    Worked fine for about a year of course is that in the box for about six months before I plugged it in. After which the relay started to not always switch on the pump. It would light up appropriately but not turn on the switch untell you power cycled the JBJ. Took me a while to figure this out. I spoke to JBJ at reef conferences And they seemed eager to help me.of course once I contacted them then they never responded to any correspondence and were of no help. So I programmed my controller to turn the thing off and on three times an hour so hopefully one of those times the relay would work appropriately. Now in the market for a new auto top off

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