Milwaukee Digital Seawater Refractometer

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  • Milwaukee Digital Refractometer

Milwaukee Digital Seawater Refractometer

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  • GREATproduct By on 4/7/2016

    Very accurate and very easy to use.
  • works great and calibration is simple By on 4/7/2016

    just go this three weeks ago so longevity not known but definitely easy to use and calibration is simple. Only negative thus far is power on/off button ok but a little quirky thought I had a bad battery and put new battery in and still would not power up so pushed a little firmer and came on, not the way a great quality switch works.
  • Nice and easy By on 3/28/2016

    This is great calibrates easily and fast accurate readings. As I get older my vision is fading and trying to read a sight Refractometer is getting hard, this has nice bright and big numbers for me.
  • Awesome addition! By on 1/2/2016

    I love this thing. It's super easy and super fast. I calibrated it the first time I used it and haven't had to recalibrate it since (2 months). I can take it anywhere and did I mention it's super easy and super fast?!?

    I do wish the case had more room to store the test solution and pipet.
  • a must have for simple reefing By on 1/1/2016

    this is by far a must have for reefers its extremely accurate and instant so can't go wrong with that
  • love it By on 12/19/2015

    Put a couple drops on hit the button done
  • Great overall product. By on 12/17/2015

    If been using a refractometer for a few years now, and I don't know why I waited so long to get this. So much easier to zero than the regular refractometer. If you are dedicated to Reefing this buy is a no brainier. Calibration solution are point on and I have no issues. All I can say is this should be one of your first buys if you plan on getting into the saltwater hobby.
  • Amazing ACCURACY By on 9/29/2015

    My first salt water checkers were the old float hydrometers. In perfect condition, properly used they gavee fairly good results. Good enough for fish only aquariums. When I got back to the hobby five years ago, I soon found the new standard- swing arm devices just about worthless. Refractometers are a better solution BUT it was hard for me to detect small fluctuations. The Milwaukee Digital Refractometer is a well built, sound instrument that gives EXACT readings. Easy to read, easy to zero and easy to convert readings between different standards and easy to use.
  • Precise and practical By on 9/29/2015

    using it is a breeze, results are fast and zeroing it is super easy with distilled water. would definitely recommend.
  • Great By on 9/20/2015

    Quick, easy and accurate. Love it

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