R.E.E.F. Plate - Brightwell Aquatics

Xport-Ca R.E.E.F. Plate Brightwell Aquatics
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  • Xport-Ca R.E.E.F. Plate Brightwell Aquatics
  • Xport-Ca R.E.E.F. Plate Brightwell Aquatics
  • Xport-Ca R.E.E.F. Plate Brightwell Aquatics

R.E.E.F. Plate - Brightwell Aquatics

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Quick Overview

10" x 10" x 1" Frag Mount and Biofiltration Plate composed of Xport-Ca

  • Made of aragonite-based Xport-Ca material.

  • Rapidly grows coralline algae.

  • Does not alter aquarium pH, KH, or phosphate levels.

  • Easily accommodates multiple frags.

  • ~97,000 ft2 surface area per plate for colonization by nitrifying and denitrifying microbes.



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Full Details

Instructions For Use:

Rinse surface dust off of R.E.E.F. Plate by immersing it in aquarium water and agitating until no more dust appears to fall from the piece; this will seed the piece with beneficial bacterioplankton, and improve the adhesion of cyanoacrylate to the piece. R.E.E.F. Plate may be left in the grow out system until needed, to seed with nitrifiers and/or coralline algae. To colonize with coral frags, remove the plate from the aquarium water and pat the upper surface dry with a clean towel. If desired, aquarist may gouge a small depression in the R.E.E.F. Plate using a blunt instrument, such as a Phillips-head screwdriver, within which to place the clipped end of branching stony corals or soft corals. Pat the end of the coral, polyp, or colony that is to be adhered to the R.E.E.F. Plate dry with a clean towel. Apply a small blob of R.E.E.F.-Fuze FCA to the attachment site on the R.E.E.F. Plate, place the end of the coral or polyp into the FCA, then lightly and firmly hold the frag in place for 30 - 60 seconds. The R.E.E.F. Plate can be placed back into the grow out system as soon as the frag is firmly set. Aquarists should wear hand and eye protection when handling and cutting cnidarians.

Placement of the plate anywhere that it is exposed to oxygenated water will enable natural nitrification.


Combining the benefits and cutting-edge technology of fluorescent cyanoacrylate (which clearly shows the rate of coral tissue growth following propagation when illuminated under actinic light sources) and Xport-Ca, an aragonite-based version of NanoIntelex Xport filtration media (all of which is made in our private factory in the United States), Brightwell Aquatics introduces the R.E.E.F. Frag system. The goal is simple: to improve productivity, use of spatial and monetary resources, and consequently the bottom line of coral and zooxanthallate clam farmers. 100% researched, designed, and made in the USA of US-sourced, high-quality ingredients.

The acronym, “R.E.E.F.”, stands for Responsible, Ecologically-Ethical Fragging. As stewards of natural marine habitats through ethical reef aquarium husbandry practices and responsible selection of aquarium inhabitants as their care requirements are met, and hopefully exceeded, by the capabilities of the aquarium that they are being placed into, the fate of many species’ long-term survival on our planet may literally be in the hands of those who understand their needs best: recreational and professional aquarists.

Xport-Ca HemiXSpheres, HeXiDiscs, R.E.E.F. Plates, and ClamHammocks combine the benefits of vast surface area and intelligent design with a high-purity aragonite component to maximize the aquarist’s use of available space in coral and clam culture systems, while maximizing the growth rate potential of coralline algae, yielding shorter grow out to market than when using conventional plugs. The hemispherical shape of HemiXSpheres is conducive to growing multiple colonies on the same piece. The hexagonal shape of HeXiDiscs permit close placement on flat surfaces to maximize use of available surface area in grow out systems; this is far better utilization of space than is provided by frag plugs or discs with circular or radius shapes to the glued surfaces. The spacious surface area of R.E.E.F. Plates enables them to be used as a large frag-placement platform, as advanced biofiltration material in an external filtration system, or as a covering on the bottom and/or sides of an aquarium to provide a natural appearance in combination with the most surface area per gram of any filtration media on the planet at the time of this writing. The size and shape of ClamHammocks keeps Tridacnid clams and their allies cradled, facing aquarium lighting, and off of the aquarium substrate; the open, porous “foamed aragonite” composition is readily and rapidly adhered to by bivalves. This item simplifies placement of zooxanthellate clams, and enables relocation without undue risk of damage to the tender foot or glands that cement the specimen into place, and enables unhindered growth of small cultured specimens to reach large proportions in captivity. The average surface area of Xport-Ca material is 500,000 ft2 per cubic foot (~1,900 m2 per L, ~150 ft2 per gram), which encourages colonization by beneficial nitrifying bacteria, resulting in rapid and efficient conversion of ammonia into nitrite and nitrate and further enhancing the stability of nutrient concentrations in grow out systems.

Brightwell Aquatics encourages all those maintaining closed-system marine aquaria to do their part by: propagating corals; breeding marine ornamental fishes; and by supporting individuals and businesses who are involved in those pursuits, whenever possible. Maintain pathogen-free reef systems by exercising sound judgment when purchasing or bartering for corals. When in doubt, dip corals in MediCoral.



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  • Great product - BRS just needs fragile shipping stickers By Michael on 4/26/2016

    PROs of this product - easy to work into any existing system. adds a huge amount of surface area!

    Cons - fragile. Made my skimmer go crazy for a little while, even though I rinsed and soaked it.