Gyre Interface Module XF150 - IceCap

Icecap Interface module Gyre 130
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  • Icecap Interface module Gyre 130
  • Icecap Interface module Gyre 130
  • Icecap Interface module Gyre 130

Gyre Interface Module XF150 - IceCap

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Quick Overview

When using the Neptune Apex (or other controllers) with the Gyre Interface module it allows complete control over the pumps at any point throughout the day.  With simple visible graphing, controlling the Gyre pumps has never been this simple. 

Hook up your Maxspect Gyre XF-150 pump to most 3rd party controllers using an available 0-10 volt port.

  • Change the Gyre’s flow pattern multiple times a day

  • Alternate pulsing frequency of the gyre

  • Sync or anti-sync multiple pumps*

  • Set operating modes like; feed, night, service, etc.

  • Run Maxspect Gyre in Alternating Gyre Mode (additional cable needed - sold separately)

  • Battery Backup Compatible

  • Backwards compatible

  • Neptune Apex Ready

Note: Interface Module will control only one Gyre pump

To run the Maxspect Gyre in Alternating Gyre Mode (forward and reverse) you will need the Alternating Gyre Mode Modified Cable (sold separately). 


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Product Questions

Will this work for the XF250?
Question by: Michael Meyer on Jan 9, 2017 11:09:00 AM
Great question! At this time, the XF250 will not work with that module nor with the Neptune Apex. Hopefully it does soon, though! :-)
Answer by: Randy (Admin) on Jan 10, 2017 11:44:00 AM

Full Details

The IceCap Gyre Interface Module is an after-market product that will allow you to hook up your Maxspect Gyre pump to most 3rd party controllers by using an available 0-10 volt port.  This makes the Module very versatile and almost universally compatible with most controllers including the Apex by Neptune Systems or the Reef Angel among others.

Another great feature of the module is that it allows you to hook up your gyre to a backup battery.  The module will automatically detect when main power is lost and will slow the gyre the 30% speed to extend the life of the battery. The module is backwards compatible and will run all Gyre pumps already on the market.


Note: The XF150 Interface Module will only work with 1x Maxspect Gyre XF150 pump. If you have multiple pumps you will need an additional interface module for each Gyre pump.


Whats Included:

Interface Module

Single Interface to Apex 0-10v Cable



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2 Items

  • Works well By Joseph on 3/29/2017

    First one had a problem that would sometimes cause the Gyre to lock up. Ice Cap support was great actually and replaced it promptly. New one has been working flawlessly for six months or so. I use it to oscillate the Gyre between a high and a low speed and to reverse direction with a different period. Creates a variety of flow patterns with just a single Gyre
  • Unit barely functional By Alex on 10/29/2016

    Runs my Gyre 150 at 20% power at best. Can't get enough flow out of it. Can't get support for product. Standard gyre controller gets me plenty of flow, but I can't as easily coordinate it or program it as I could with an Apex running it.