JBJ Instant Siphon

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JBJ Instant Siphon

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Quick Overview

Frequent water changes are a necessity for aquarists – JBJ Instant Siphon makes it easy. This all-in-one gravel cleaner is so simple to operate. Siphon pump requires just a few squeezes to create a siphon. Remove metabolic waste and particulate matter for healthy inhabitant growth

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Keeping a regular maintenance schedule ensures a healthy environment for fish, corals, and invertebrates while reducing the accumulation of nitrate. Replenishing with fresh & clean water is vital to restore trace minerals, buffering capacity, and maintaining tolerable nitrogenous levels.

There are many annoyances associated with gravel vacuuming, such as getting the siphon started, spilling water, and stressing tank inhabitants.

JBJ’s innovative siphon pump only requires a few squeezes to create a siphon from your aquarium. No need to drink "fish water" ever again.

Dirty water, detritus, and gravel are vacuumed into the intake chamber, where the gravel is separated from the waste and water and allowed to settle back to the aquarium floor. The dirty water and waste is siphoned out without any mess and minimal disruptions to the natural setting of the aquarium. As a safety measure, a gravel/fish strainer is part of the system.

A rigid tube handle keeps the gravel cleaner stable and is a plus for deeper tanks. You also have the flexibility of adjusting the flow valve for faster flow rates, needed for larger aquariums and slower flow rates for smaller aquariums. If you prefer not to siphon out to a bucket, you can easily attach extra flexible tubing to the barbed outlet of the flow valve and siphon directly to a drain.


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10 Items

  • It Works fine By Dave on 2/18/2015

    Not sure why there are so many bad reviews, it worked good for me. It's a good length it doesn't leak if it did I just put a hose clamp on it. I really like not getting a mouth full of salt water. The hose is a little stiff though
  • bulb leaked after first use By Jaumby on 1/3/2014

    I would not recommend this product. Actually I have tried several of these type of products and none of them are worth the money or time. They have all failed. I guess that suckng on the hose is the only answer
  • Stiff Tube, but Works great By N2rockets on 6/25/2013

    I have tried several siphon (cheap) tools and so far this has been the best. But it has its shortfalls.

    The hose is incredibly stiff and keeps the shape of the package like everyone here has said. Mine has not had the issue with the bulb leaking/not working, but I flush it every time with RO/DI water to keep it clean and hang dry it.

    Its a siphon. Simple Enough and it works
  • Not a good product By Reef Tank Adventure on 1/3/2013

    After owning this product for about two months and using about 6 times, an internal valve has came loose not allowing the bulb suction to start a suction. So basically this product is now an expensive piece of tubing. Do not waste your money on this product.
  • It does the job By Richard on 9/29/2012

    It works but not the product I expected from JBJ. The hose is stiffer than most, the siphon ball quit working after three weeks and the hose connections leak and drip on the floor.
  • Poor quality, leaky By Ian on 1/3/2012

    Thought this would be useful, instead of 'up/down' pumping to make a siphon (which is a bit of a pain in an under-tank sump) I could just squeeze the ball. Unfortunately the seals around the squeeze ball are quite poor. I had a hard time generating enough suction to start the siphon and generally got water all over the place. Now I'm back to a simple siphon and this one is in the landfill.
  • works great By tommy on 11/29/2011

    does what it says it will do.. hose could be a bit softer though..
  • Good Product By Bobby on 11/19/2011

    The instant siphon works however the hose is way to small. It doesn't siphon fast enough for me. It is an ok unit
  • Great concept not so great product By RLB1130 on 11/7/2011

    Ball leaked pretty quickly. The stiff hose makes it difficult to work with. Using the little valve is two man op. Can't hold tube, outlet line and turn valve. One of the few below avg products from BRS.
  • Works ok By GMGQ on 5/19/2011

    I was excited to see this item on clearance, as I had been looking for something like this to clean my tank with. It does what it's made to do. However I wish the hose was made from softer material. It comes coiled like in the picture, so the hose is semi-permanently coiled. This makes it a bit challenging to hold the end down into a bucket, because it keeps wanting to recoil back upwards. It also makes the intake end difficult to hold straight down to reach the areas you want to siphon (same problem). I could probably leave it out in the sun to heat it up and soften it.

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