Reverse Osmosis and Deionization Instructions

by Bulk Reef Supply on January 13th, 2017

Locate Package Contents

First open your package and locate your RO unit, bag of fittings, wrench, DI unit (optional), and TDS meter (optional).

RO/DI Parts

Identify Tubes

On your RO unit take note of the different colored tubes. The Red line is the intake from your homes water line, the black line is the waste water and the blue line is the output of purified water.





Attach RO Unit to Water Line

Locate the Red intake line and the bag of fittings. The bag of fittings contains three ways to attach the RO unit your homes water line, a kitchen sink adaptor, a hose/laundry tub adaptor and a self piercing valve for connecting the unit directly into your homes cold water line. (Only use the self piercing valve if you are familiar with how they work and comfortable with installing it). After you have chosen a fitting attach it to your Red line.

Utility Sink/Garden Hose Adapter
Chrome Faucet Diverter Valve
Self-Piercing Saddle Valve
(not included for all models)


Connect Waste Water Line to Drain

Locate the black line. This is the waste water produced by the RO unit; this water is not to be used for anything. You can just slip the hose down your drain or use the included drain kit (black plastic pieces) to attach it directly to your drain.


Direct Purified Water to Container of Choice

Locate the Blue line. This is your newly purified water. Attach it to the container of your choice.

Adding the DI (Deionization) Unit

  • Locate the blue line on your RO unit and insert it into the "IN" fitting on the DI unit.
  • Locate the blue line coming out of the "OUT" fitting on your DI unit. This is your newly purified water. Attach this line to the container of your choice.

Adding the Dual TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Meter

There are a few ways to implement this because people want it to read different things. Most people prefer that it reads the water coming out of the RO unit and the water coming out of the DI init. This will indicate individually when the RO filters are starting to go bad and when the DI is starting to go bad. Some people might want to know the TDS of the water coming from their homes main line so they would attach it there. Some people also want to know the TDS of the water coming out of the carbon filters (10" vertical clear cartridges) and going into the RO membrane (white horizontal unit), This would tell you when the cartridges are going bad and when the RO membrane is going bad. The best option is to get two dual TDS meters and test all four.

After deciding what you want to test, simply cut the lines between filters and slide each end of the line into the end of the fittings on the TDS meter.

*** Our deluxe kit comes with the TDS meters installed with the preferred method. Simply slide the unconnected TDS probe into the tee fitting on the DI housings blue hose***

Special Note on the Hose Fittings

The hose fittings come with blue locking clips. You will need to remove these clips to get the hose out. Please replace the clip when you are done. While not completely necessary these blue clips insure the hose will not accidentally come out. After the clips are removed, simply push the white ring in and pull the hose out.