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Emperor Aquatics Smart High Output UV 80 Watt

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  • Why should I use a UV sterilizer?

Emperor Aquatics Smart High Output UV 80 Watt

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Quick Overview

Suggested Aquarium Size: 600 gallon or less

  • Inlet/Outlet: 2" Slip Unions

  • Minimum Operational Flow Rate: 450 GPH

  • Maximum Operational Flow Rate: 600 GPH

Emperor Aquatics SMART UV Lite series features a compact space saving design which utilizes a 2" reaction chamber. When used properly UV Sterilizers significantly reduce the chance of encountering disease or algae outbreaks.


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Full Details

SMART UV High Output Manufacturer's Manual

UV sterilizers are most effective as a preventative measure against disease outbreak. While not infallible a properly sized and set up sterilizer will add a significant barrier to disease outbreak. Protecting your system and it's inhabitants will ultimately save money, promote long lived healthy fish and increase satisfaction received from the hobby. Sterilizers can also be used as a component of an effective strategy to current outbreak. Primarily to help ensure the outbreak doesn't re-emerge after treatment. Anyone who has had the misfortune to encounter an outbreak will appreciate the importance of preventive measures against future problems.


Bulk Reef Supply carries only the Emperor Aquatics line of UV Equipment because we feel they are the best UV sterilizers available to the aquarium industry and one of the few brands that offers legitimately sized units capable of fulfilling their claims.


Emperor Aquatics UV Sterilizers are superior to the competition in the following ways:

  • Sterilizers are accurately sized based on contact time, flow rate and tank volume to achieve realistic results.
  • Suggested sizes are based on end of bulb life to ensure continuous results
  • Suggested flow rates factor in the water clarity and UV Transmittance of typical aquariums rather than basing them on purified water.
  • Unique design maximizes the effective contact time by utilizing the full bulb length.
  • Emperor aquatics is trusted by zoos, universities and public aquariums including Duke University, Monterey Bay Aquarium, SeaWorld, Georgia Aquarium, USDA Agricultural Research


80 Watt SMART High Output UV Sterilizer Specs

Model No. Maximum Aquarium Size No. Lamps/Watts Water Flow Rate Algae and Bacteria 30,000 µWs/cm² Suggested/Maximum Water Flow Rate
180,000 µWs/cm² Suggested/Maximum
Input Watts UV-C Output Watts Dimensions (Inches) Inlet/Outlet
025080 600 Gallons 1/80 2700 GPH/3600 GPH 450 GPH/600 GPH 80 26 43" x 5¾" 2" Union


*Suggested flow rates are based on 80% power or "end of lamp's life" performance

*Maximum flow rates are based on 100% power or new lamp output

*Flow rates consider 90% UV transmissibility



6 Items

  • Great Product By rldcpa on 6/21/2014

    I've read all the reviews here and remember that for the 80 watt unit to be effective against disease such as velvet or ich, the water throughput should be no more than 240 gallons per hour not 460 gallons.

    Also remember that these units can't cure ich but can remove any disease that flows through the unit. So it can not get rid of parasites in the sand or on fish.

    For me the water clarity has increased so that the water is as clear through the sides as through the front. My algae is non-existent other than a bit on the glass that I clean every few days.

    I have had no deaths or disease in the year since I got the unit and have added a number of fish.

    Remember to clean the quartz sleeve quarterly and to replace the bulb after 1 year. Also replace the gaskets at this time.

    In summary, it was expensive but very worth it for the clear water, no algae and no diseases since I got the unit.
  • Do your research By Michael on 1/8/2014

    This is the brand has been used on many commercial purpose, I did a lot research on what are the best UV out there, Emperor even advertise their output lower than what they are actually producing, don't buy cheap units thats made for profit only. You get what you pay for!!
  • Poor Performance By Joe on 1/3/2014

    I put one of these 80 watt units on a 150 Gallon Tank and verify I was pushing 460 gallons per hour thru the unit. I'll admit I thought I had the world beat sine the unit is rated for a 600 gallon tank. So I got fish and put them straight into the display tank. It turned out they had ICH and this breakout was NO DIFFERENCE then any other time. It was as if the unit was no even in the system.

    Sure I should have put them into the QT but you would think since this tank is 1/4 of what it is rated for it could handle it but like I said I saw no difference.

    The money would have better spent making my QT better.
  • Awesome destructive UV power! By Seth The Wine Guy on 11/28/2013

    I have been using this unit on my tank for 2 years now on a 200g twv system. Prior to this, I was using a 40w Aqua UV and had the tank completely wiped out twice. Once with ich and once with velvet. Four figures in livestock loses.
    In the two years since running the Emperor 80w HO on my system I've not had a loss since. My water clarity is pristine and only need to run the UV during "lights on" periods to achieve success.
    Oversizing the unit for my tank allows me to get twice the bulb life saving money over the longterm. I bought a much larger unit than my tank needed for future upgrades. You can't go too big with a UV on your tank. So, bump up one size from what you think you need and let it rip on your tank and future upgrade!
  • Should have been my 1st purchase after my tank! By Holyreefer on 4/28/2013

    I should have purchased this unit 14 years ago!
    I LOVE IT AND there is a HUGE difference of algae and ive also noticed the ick that would come and go on my Powder blue and my Achillies hasn't soon at all. Very easy to setup instructions are very clear. GREAT PRODUCT
  • Works great By Blake on 1/8/2013

    I installed this sterilizer on my 300 gallon reef system after a algae bloom. In 24 hours the water was clear

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