40g Elos sv.M2 Marine Fish Food - Medium

50g Elos sv.M2 Marine Fish Food - Medium
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  • 50g Elos sv.M2 Marine Fish Food - Medium
  • 50g Elos sv.M2 Marine Fish Food - Medium
  • 50g Elos sv.M2 Marine Fish Food - Medium

40g Elos sv.M2 Marine Fish Food - Medium

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Quick Overview

Why does BRS recommend this?

The BRS team really likes the Elos brand of foods and it's what we are currently using in a few of our office tanks. It does cost a few dollars more, however we feel there are some legitimate differences the average reefer can actually see and experience.

  • Complete fish food using the finest raw materials

  • Properly packaged to virtually eliminate gas exchange

  • 62% protein derived from sea based animals

  • Beta Glucan strengthen resistance to bacterial, viral and parasitic infections

  • Sinks slowly and has large grain size idea for 2-6” fish.

  • Dust-free and great with auto feeders

  • Due to customs restrictions we are unable to ship this product to Canada


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Product Questions

I thought a few years ago the product description included a very low, if any phosphate content because of a certain production or preservation process. Have I missed it somewhere or has something changed?
Question by: William Neiman on Jun 2, 2016 1:28:00 PM
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What is the size of pellets in mm please?
Question by: Nicholas on Mar 7, 2017 8:04:00 AM
Hey there,
For the sv. M2 pellets, there is a bit of range in granule size, with some of the smaller pieces as small as 1mm, but most pieces around 2mm.

Have a great day!
Answer by: Zack (Admin) on Mar 13, 2017 8:35:00 AM

Full Details

The BRS team really likes the Elos brand of foods and it's what we are currently using in our office tank. It does cost a few dollars more, however we feel there are some legitimate differences the average reefer can actually see and experience.

  • The food is preserved using proper packaging and vitamins rather than poly-phosphates. The SVM2 comes in a bag tucked inside of an aluminum can with a foam seal which virtually eliminates all gas exchange.
  • The vitamins are sprayed on to the pellets in a unique vacuum chamber. When the vacuum is released the vitamins are sucked into the center of the food. This increases the nutritional content of the food as well as reduces the oil slick experienced with many other brands.
  • Includes Beta Glucan Probiotics for immune system support. Beta Glucans have been proven to enhance immunity and successfully strengthen resistance against bacterial, viral and parasitic infections.
  • 62% protein. Most other brands are in the 30-50% range.
  • All of the meat comes from sea based animals.
  • The product is extruded using a unique low temperature process which preserves nutrients.



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  • Will Buy Again By Jack on 2/27/2017

    All my fish like these pellets.
    Most of the pellets float a while before sinking making a feeding ring a must or you will loose a lot to the overflow if you don't shut off your return pump.
    Also the feeding ring allows more to reach the bottom since they are concentrated when they do start to sink.
  • The best pellet By Edward on 2/20/2017

    I have a fast growing and finicky fish. Previously this fish would only eat flake, not even frozen. She took right to this food. I have not seen any increase in phosphate and the pellets float long enough for the fish to get it. Highly recommend for small to mid sized fish that eat from the surface.
  • Skinny Goby By lakegirl on 2/7/2017

    I've had a sand-sifting goby for over 15 months, as well as some fairy wrasses, damsels, and long-spine cardinals. The goby is about 4 inches long. About 6 months ago, I switched to this pellet. While most of the fish are ok with this pellet, the goby is getting skinny. I'm observing that the pellets do not sink quickly enough, and the goby cannot compete for this food. Also, The Ocean Nutrition formula one large pellet seemed to be more satisfying, compared to these tiny morsels. Not everyone in the tank is big enough to eat the large pellet, so, I am thinking I may need to provide both types. While I do provide some mysis and Rod's from time to time, I use the dry food as the mainstay and that's what goes into the auto feeder when I travel.
  • The only pellet food I use By Best pellet food on 9/14/2016

    I've used this food for years and found nothing better. I do use frozen foods in addition to this food and I can find no other non frozen food that compares.
  • Part of their diet By Kerry on 7/8/2016

    I use this along with a liquid vitamin supplement once a week to add variety to the tank's diet. It's a nice high protein option.
  • Best pellet fish food By Lenny on 2/25/2013

    This food has worked the best for me. The pellets sink very slowly thus allowing my fish to eat them long before they would settle on the substrate. A little goes a long way and my fish look very healthy. It does not contain any phosphate. Great product.
  • Kinda Pricey By Jeremy on 2/2/2013

    For what you get its kind of pricey. I dont use it on my main tank because it would be gone in a couple weeks. I use it just for a pair of clowns and they go nuts for it. Just wish that you got more for the money.

  • Superior Fish Food By gmastr85 on 1/6/2013

    Great fish food! My fish and inverts both eat it and enjoy it. It doesn't fall apart and create a phosphate factory in my tank. It floats and if you hold it underwater for a second it will slowly sink. A little expensive but also one of the better foods on the market. The jar is very small but worth it for the benefits you get. I will be purchasing it again.
  • Food By Jennifer on 12/5/2012

    Not much quantity but my fish seem to like it!
  • Picky fish love it By Reefm@ster on 11/17/2012

    I have a very picky GSM maroon that was used to live brine shrimp and would not eat frozen or prepared foods. After trying many kinds of food and reading reviews on the BRS site i tried Elos sv.M2 Marine Fish Food soaked in Selcon. The result was great and the picky GSM clown loves it.
  • Great food By Dave on 11/7/2012

    Not much quantity in the can, but the quality makes up for that! I have a pink square anthias that turned his gills to other flake food, but he ate this the first time it hit the water. I just submerge a pinch and it sinks at a reasonable rate.
  • Great Food By wholland on 11/2/2012

    I got some of this for free from Jesse with my new Elos 100, and I was surprised at how good this food is. The fish love it, it sinks at the proper speed (you can accelerate it if you need to by swirling with aquarium water in a cup first). Fish health and color is excellent while using this food (in conjunction with Rod's and Cycolp-Eze).