Elos Pro Skimmer Liquid SPS Food 90 mL

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Elos Pro Skimmer Liquid SPS Food 90 mL

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Quick Overview

Energy food for corals. Elos Pro Skimmer Liquid SPS Food is a complex carbohydrate consumed directly by the coral polyp to provide energy for metabolic function like growth. Pro Skimmer Liquid SPS Food will significantly reduce the need for live food and DOM (Dissolved Organic Matter) and the demands on your skimmer. Often used with Elos Omega.

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Full Details

ELOS Pro Skimmer

Supply complex carbohydrate which provide an immediate source of energy for cellular respiration as well an important energy source beneficial for a faster biosynthesis of amino acids.


  • Original formula: reproduces the suspended colloidal matter founded in the natural seawater
  • Superior nutritional profiles: high bio-available carbohydrate source
  • No PO4 pollution: does not contains phosphate based preservative

Note : ELOS Pro Skimmer is a complex carbohydrate formula. Elos uses only pure carbohydrate sources. Similar products available on the market contain various inorganic phosphate salts intentionally added to them as preservatives. To avoid the need of these preservatives Elos uses mono-dose phials and we take great care to packing conditions, which are made into low contaminated controlled atmosphere.


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5 Items

  • This stuff works By fish freak 247 on 3/9/2015

    I have been using this for years, with there omega. The pro skim added first triggers the feeding response and then I add omega, phytoplankton and oyster eggs. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. Best used with the omega!
  • Impressive By Mark on 10/23/2014

    I can't say yet for certain about most of my coral. But after just a few days my war coral looks like I have NEVER seen before. The "eyes" seem to have doubled in size and the color is very different. My starry night seems to have much more growth indications. And I have barely begun to ramp up the dose. So far no crazy cyano growth. I turn the skimmer off for several hours after I dose. I am wondering if dosing makes more sense in the morning or evening. I'm using Pro Skimmer and Omega.
  • Excelent product By Nestor on 5/20/2013

    I have been using this product for the past month and it has worked great for my tank not only my sps but for my lps, softies that i have in my tank. I Highly recommend this product.
  • Well worth it IF your tank is suitable for SPS By Carbon on 4/30/2013

    When used in conjunction with the Elos Omega AA supplement this stuff really is awesome. The funny thing is, I've used each of these supplements independently of one another and achieved moderate results, but it wasn't until I combined the two supplements that my sps colonies really started to thrive.

    I've also used the two together with moderate results and it was because I wasn't ULN.
  • not sure By Nikunj patel on 4/9/2012

    have been using for a few weeks. can't really tell if its helping