Elos Magnesium Aqua Test Kit

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Elos Magnesium Aqua Test Kit

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Quick Overview

Elos Magnesium kit provides precise testing and low risk reagents. Product validated using NIST samples and independent seawater lab. RealColor technology used to calibrate color chart for accuracy. Kit contains 50+ tests depending on Magnesium levels.

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Product Questions

I am color blind. Does this test kit require coomparison of a vile and a chart?
Question by: Mark on Nov 10, 2013 12:03:00 AM
Hey Mark,
It doesn't require comparison to a chart but you do have to be able to see when the vial changes from one color to another color. This will be the case with pretty much every magnesium kit I have seen.
Answer by: Bulk Reef Supply on Nov 10, 2013 12:03:00 AM

Full Details

Keeping proper water quality in our aquarium is a fundamental step toward a healthy tank. To properly monitor your water quality you need an accurate and reliable set of test kits.

All Elos test kits include:

  • Calibrated lab droppers: the accuracy of a titrimetric test kit is, in fact, strictly related to the precision of the drop size.

  • RealColor technology: the precision of a colorimetric test kit is strictly related to the precision of the color chart. In these test we use an accurate system to calibrate the color chart compared to the reagents.

  • The validation of each batch of reagents through the use of NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology) certified samples.

  • The strict control of the supply and storage chain: test kit reagents are very delicate, their accuracy is significantly influenced by storage. For this reason we keep our stock strictly under control and we suggest, to all our retailers, to do the same.

  • The use of Lab Quality reagents: to grant a constant, precise result like only professional products may permit. Not only are the reagents included in all Elos test kits precise but we use non-toxic reagents whenever possible.


  • High precision: thanks to the use of calibrated dropper

  • NIST validation: each batch is validated using NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology) samples

  • "Safe reagents": reagents and testing procedures are based on Low Risk Reagents. None of our test kit are based on Toxic Reagents


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  • One of the best kits By ReefTeacher on 2/28/2016

    the two step titration gives very repeatable results and it jives with more expensive kits. I highly recommend this one!
  • Accurate but labor intensive By ERIC on 2/20/2016

    I found this test kit to be very accurate, and really the only brand my local fish stores and I trust. The test takes some work, and takes a few tries to really get it down, but well worth the accurate results in the end.
  • A must HAVE! By FishWhisperer on 12/11/2014

    this is the first Mg elos kit i have used and it works great. It involves a bit more work to set than the previous kits i have used in the past (Salifert). If you are looking for a way to stop guessing how much mg you need to dose, then this is the kit you want to get. Highly accurate and reliable. A must have for serious reefers! Will purchase again when salifert is unavaible.
  • Annoying By Jason on 11/30/2014

    The test kit does it's job however it has too many steps. Like others have mentioned it requires that you put 30+ drops of the first solution then wash out the container and do a second test. Although i do prefer some Elos test kits, this is one I won't buy again. The Salifert Mg kit is more accurate and easier to use. One positive of the Elos kit is the dramatic color change from orange to green on the first step of the kit and pink to blue on the second part.
  • DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY<---Pro Tip By Quinn on 4/11/2014

    I work in the water testing industry so I believe my advice should be taken seriously on this one. DO NOT buy this test kit.
    The actual number of steps required to get an "accurate" result are tedious as well as error inducing. I previously, and will stick with, used three other test kits for Magnesium: Red Sea= OK, Salifert= Excellent and LaMotte=Ok. Simply put YOU WILL NOT get accurate results with this ELOS test kit because you are forced to use 30-40 "drops" per test...never an accurate measurement to use. The more drops you are required to use, the less accurate the result. Then to top it all off the results are given with an accuracy of +- 50 ppm!!! Which means you can be off by upwards of over 100 ppm!! Useless to say the least.
    To add insult to injury, the test vial lasted exacted one test due to the over sized cap required to stir the results. Broke the vial while using extreme caution and over 2 decades of water analysis experience.
  • Requires a 6th grade reading level By Johnathon on 11/12/2013

    This test does require a higher level of attention when reading the instructions but they do make sense. If you take your time, read it carefully and do the test right you will get a much better reading with much easier to notice titrations than the competitors test kits.

    Basically if you can get past the somewhat complex instructions you will find your Mg readings to be more accurate!
  • Elos Magnesium Aqua Test Kit By GERRY on 9/19/2013

    Poorly written instructions were confusing me. wouldn't recommend this product to a friend
    BSR Please make a video on how to use.
  • wouldn't recommend By GMALTA on 9/9/2013

    I had to scrap three tests, was getting frustrated. Then realized the poorly written instructions were confusing me. wouldn't recommend this product to a friend
  • hard By Adam on 6/22/2012

    I didn't think it is very user friendly but what do you expect for a test
  • Excellent By Jim on 6/24/2011

    Great test kit. Directions are very clear and easy to read. The color changes during testing are easy to see.
  • Excellent test kit By Michael on 5/25/2011

    The written instructions are a little confusing but some online searching gave me answers that cleared up questions.
    I gave it 4 out 5 on recommendation because of the way the instructions read and a new comer to the hobby who is already intimidated by the chemistry side is going to get frustrated if they try this kit as their first experience testing mg.
    But it's a great kit and very accurate.
  • good test By roger on 4/22/2011

    the mg test is a lil time consuming but thats what its going to be. i personaly liked the instruction. very simple no reading and getting confused or multiple testing opions like in my salifert kh and ca testers. hard to screw up with pics and a couple of numbers. I have used this tested quiet a few times now and can get my mg number in no time