Group & Club Buys

Bulk Reef Supply is thrilled to offer customers our lowest prices by participating in a weekly Group or Club Buy.

Sign up is easy and the savings are great.

No more hassles of organizing one big bulk order, collecting all the payments, distributing individual orders or waiting for your order. Instead, just create an account with, join the Group Buy and shop away. There are no purchase quantity or order size requirements. Each participant gets the lowest prices even if he only buys one item. And this also means Group Buys at are not limited to people who live in same town. Plus, once you sign up for one Group Buy, you automatically become a Preferred Reefer. Group buys cannot be used in combination with other promotions (coupon codes, sales, etc).

  • Set up a Group Buy
  • Then what? When do we shop?
  • Group Buy Guidelines
    • Limit of one (1) group buy per organizer per month (30 day period)
    • Gather a minimum of 10 participants
    • Each participant must currently have or create an account on Click here to create an account.
    • Pick a Tuesday the Group Buy will start. Group buys start on Tuesdays and run through the following Monday.
    • Complete the Group Buy form and send to . You can download the form by clicking this link or send a request to the
    • Each participant will receive an email on the pre-determined Tuesday notifying them that the Group Buy has started.
    • Please wait for this email before placing orders or you won’t have the discount!
    • After you receive the email, simply login to your account and start shopping. Place your individual order which will be shipped immediately and directly to your mailing address.
    • The Group Buy lasts seven days (until the following Monday). Please order early to ensure your item does not go out of stock.
    • At the end of the Group Buy each participant's account will be changed to Preferred Reefer. BRS Preferred Reefer pricing is generally between our retail and group buy prices. This permanent upgrade is our way of saying thanks for getting your reef supplies with us!
    • Limit of one group buy per group per month
    • Eligible Products. Group buy pricing is only on in stock items. We find it in our customer’s best interest to not sell items we do not have in stock, so we are unable to take back orders. The best deals are primarily on items BRS produces like chemicals, RO/DI equipment, BRS dosers, dry rock, plumbing as well as a handful of other items. Most of the other manufacturers’ products we stock have a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy which prevents us from selling their products lower than MAP.
    • Group Buy prices cannot be combined with other promotions (sales, coupon codes, etc)
    • Group Buys begin on the Tuesday selected by the group. We suggest ordering right away on Tuesday to ensure we don’t sell out of the items you may be interested in. We find it in our customers’ best interest not to sell items we do not have in stock so we are unable to take back orders.
    • Participants Upgraded to Preferred Reefer status. The good news is anyone who takes part in a Group Buy will automatically be permanently upgraded to Preferred Reefer status in his/her account. Preferred Reefer prices typically fall between retail and Group Buy prices. This ensures that participants will be able to get Preferred Reefer discounted pricing when out of stock items are back in stock, as well as in the future.

Guidelines for Group Buys in BRS Sponsorship Forums

The guidelines for group buys hosted in Bulk Reef Supply sponsorship forums are slightly different. They are scheduled on a monthly basis and due to the large list size a member of the BRS staff collects the data and manages the group buy.