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BRS 2 Part Doser – 1.1 mL per minute

BRS 2 Part Doser – 1.1 mL per minute
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  • BRS 2 Part Doser – 1.1 mL per minute
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BRS 2 Part Doser – 1.1 mL per minute

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Quick Overview

Ideal for automating 2 Part dosing. Our peristaltic pump has an extremely accurate 1.1mL per minute flow rate. Silent operation. The pump utilizes a unique system that attaches the drive shaft at the bottom and top to eliminate shaft wobble. Precision two roller design extends pump life and will not back siphon.

Each pump is capable of dosing a single solution. You will need two pumps to automate both calcium and alkalinity solutions.


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Previously Asked Questions

  • by ronald on April 11, 2014, @9:33 PM

    will your BRS two part doser include two pumps and be able to dose both parts from separate bottles for 74.99

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Ronald,
    No the pumps are sold per pump. To have two pumps to dose two liquids you would need to purchase a quantity of two pumps.

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  • by Chris on November 26, 2013, @7:19 AM

    is the pump tube replaceable? if so do you sell the replacement tubes?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Chris,
    It sure is. You can find the replacement tubes at the link below:

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  • by Bruce on January 17, 2014, @5:38 PM

    I received my pumps today. I noticed in the package was two different types of hose. One was clear and softer than the other which was not clear and more rigid. Is one hose meant for input into the pump and the other for dispersing the fluid from the pump?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Bruce,
    You can use either. The rigid tube doesn't bend as easy but holds its shape better, wheras the soft tube is easier to route around corners, etc but kinks a bit easier. Feel free to use either in whichever application is better suited.

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  • by Scott on January 15, 2015, @5:28 PM

    How high will this pump pump and does the liquid need to be above the pump?

    Bulk Reef Supply Great Question Scott!
    The BRS dosers will have a 20ft. max head height. The pump will be able to pull liquid up, so it will not need to be lower than the solution.

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  • by David on December 26, 2013, @6:56 AM

    What size of tubing fits on this doser? And does the input tubing different from the output tubing?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi David,
    Input/output tubing are the same and both are 1/4" though its a compression fitting so its fairly forgiving if your close.

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  • by Kurt on February 6, 2014, @6:58 AM

    Can you order more tubing? I'd like to relocate my dosing pumps and need new tubing.


    Bulk Reef Supply Hey Kurt,
    This stuff will do the trick just fine (most use clear).

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  • by John on January 27, 2014, @7:24 AM

    Does the BRS 2 part doser draw enough power for the ReefKeeper PC4 module to reliably shut off when connected to channels 2 or 3 or should it be connected to channels 1 or 4?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hey John,
    In most applications it is but I would still recommend using the relay outlets on 1 & 4 just to be safe!

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  • by Brian on April 4, 2014, @8:32 PM

    I just got a dosing pump and was wondering if there was a maximum height that I can mount the pump in my stand. I currently have it mounted about a foot above my container of dosing solution.

    Bulk Reef Supply Hey Brian,
    That won't be a problem. The pump shouldn't have any issue pulling solution up anywhere within a normal sized aquarium stand.

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Full Details

BRS 2 Part Doser Specs

  • Silent operation
  • 20ft max head
  • Extremely accurate
  • Will not back siphon
  • Dimensions: 4" x 3.25" x 4.5"
  • 12 month tube life (at 4 hours of use per day)
  • 12 month Bulk Reef Supply warranty on pump motor and head
  • Includes 17ft of 1/4" OD tubing, mounting bracket, and directions
  • Santoprene tube

BRS 2 Part Dosers are intermittent duty pumps and not meant for continuous operation. We recommend on/off cycles under a few hours to maximize life span. You will need two pumps in order to dose both calcium and alkalinity.



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  • Great doser pump By Eric on 4/21/2015

    I bought two of these doser pumps for dosing 2 part solution. So far so good, 2 weeks in. One pump is a little faster than the other, so I left it on calcium since an overdose of calcium is less worrysome than an overdose of alkalinity.

    They're running on my Reefkeeper Lite. When using with a controller (which you should do as they should not run for long periods of time consistently) you should put them on mechanical relay switches instead of the solid state switches, as the solid state may not switch them off due to the low power draw of the pumps. Google Triac and your controller name to find out more.
  • Great product! By Steve k on 4/15/2015

    I ordered this doser for my Aquaripure vodka filter. I don't have to get someone to dose the filter twice a week while I'm gone. Makes my life much simpler.
  • Great pumps, watch the flow rate By Chad on 4/13/2015

    These pumps are working great so far and are a good value. However, I bought two for dosing and noticed they flow at different rates, one is much faster than the other so I have had to play around with the timing to get the dosing correct. One is right on at 1.1 ml per minute but the other is almost 2ml per minute.
  • Good ATO Pump By Glenn on 4/13/2015

    Use this on my 45 gallon for a ATO pump. Works great but was hard to prime and is a little loud.
  • Great quiet pumps, but need to be upgraded for use with Apex By Vincent on 3/30/2015

    The reviews here say it all. Great pumps! However if you are going to use this on an APEX you are limited to 2 ports (4/8). If you want to use it on the other ports you will want to get one of these or similar for each pump (Woods 4325C Single Outlet Power Adapter Plug) BRS I suggest you start selling these....
  • Highly recommended By cvicente on 3/30/2015

    Very impressed with the overall construction. Nothing best on this price range, I'm currently using the unit for Mg dosing. Would recommend it without hesitation
  • Great dose pump By David on 2/10/2015

    Ordered two and have not looked back as far as dosing. I use with the BRS additives and my corals could not be any happier!
  • Near perfection By Old Salt on 1/17/2015

    After years (literally) of dosing 2-part by hand, I bought two of these pumps during the Black Friday 2014 sale. Due to the tight space in my stand/sump area, installation took a bit of thought and time. But once up and running, they are, as my teenage daughter would say, "just sick." I control them with my Reefkeeper Lite's multi-timer function and the levels are always spot on. And now I don't have to train my neighbors in the fine art of dosing 2-part!
  • Great! By Jeff on 1/11/2015

    I bought 2 and have them controlled by my reefkeeper. Easily dose 2.2ml for 24 hours and keeps everything stable.
  • Great Dosing Pump for Kalkwasser By Jim on 1/9/2015

    We're using this pump for Kalkwasser dosing from reservoir in basement to display tank upstairs. It works fine, and doses a very slow drip, so can run all night to keep the pH stable.
  • Perfect inexpensive way to dose By June2881 on 12/31/2014

    I had a calcium reactor running on my sps dominant tank for 8 months but just did not like the inability to keep track of all the elements being dosed. Switched over to brs two part with Red Sea additives and couldn't be happier. I have sent in my water to be tested by triton through uniquecorals and nothing but green
  • Great little pump By 200 Gallon Reefer on 12/24/2014

    Got this pump to dose my 2-part alkalinity solution. Provides a nice slow steady drip and is dead silent. The first time I turned it on I couldn't tell it was running until I saw it slowly turning. Comes with input and output tubing and was super easy to set up. I'm using my Reef Keeper as a timer and it's keeping my alkalinity right where I want it. I would definitely recommend this pump for dosing.

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