EcoPlus Dual Digital Timer

Titan Controls Apollo 9 - Dual Digital Timer
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EcoPlus Dual Digital Timer

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Quick Overview

Titan Controls Apollo 9 timer features the ability to switch power on and off up to six times per 24 hour day. Individual day or multi-day timer settings. Battery backup (included) for the timer clock assures your systems stay on schedule even after a power outage. Minimum 'on' time is 1 minute. 3 prong grounded female receptacle, 3 prong grounded male plug.


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I need a dual timer to connect both of my single dosing pump for CAL and ALK. Will the EcoPlus Dual Digital Timer work?
Question by: Leonel on Mar 31, 2015 2:22:00 PM
Great Question Leonel!
These timers work great for dosing pumps, just keep in mind that even though there are 2 outlets you can only set one program for both, for that reason you would need a timer for each pump.
Answer by: Bulk Reef Supply on Mar 31, 2015 2:22:00 PM

Full Details

15 Amp Grounded Digital Plug-In Timer. Can also be used with electrical appliances such as lights, radios, television sets, coffee makers, automatic water sprinklers, commercial signs, etc. Both outlets turn on at the same time (not independently controllable)


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  • Worked until they died By glxtrix on 4/10/2016

    Bought 2 of these and they worked great for about a year and both died. Also both plugs are on the same switch. Would be nice if they were separately controlled.
  • Died after 1 year By Zac on 2/5/2016

    While this product was nice while it lasted, it simply died after a year. It was running a single mixing pump for my mixing station and it just flat out died. No longer turns on. Reading around it seems I'm not the only one who seems to have had the issue. Avoid this product to avoid tank failure and wasting money
  • Junk timer By JdubsAquatics on 7/17/2015

    Defective right out of the package. I almost trusted my tanks with this! I should have read the reviews first. Don't waist your money on this
  • I wouldn't trust it as far as I could throw it By Jdubs on 6/30/2015

    I ordered one for my dosing pumps and it was defective out of the package. I wouldn't trust it with my system. Also if you are thinking about buying this because it has 2 outlets be warned that they are controlled by the same timer so you need one for each dosing pump. There are better timers for cheaper out there
  • Not for Dosing pumps By Sherri on 5/3/2015

    Worked fine until i had to change the dosing schedule. It then stuck on..I double checked the schedule and nothing was wrong with the settings. Total tank wipe out due to it being used for alk...and out of town...quite a mess. I would find a more reliable timer to use for a doser.
  • Not as expected By Doug on 3/31/2015

    The Product is fine but not what I expected. I Was hoping that you could set the timers for each individual outlet but it's on and off for both.
  • Excellent Product! By Dimitri on 3/26/2015

    For me they work fine they do what I want, I wish they could have setting for every outlet just like the other timers. they are easy to set-up and work fine I have bought 3. I do recommend them.
  • Awesome timers By michelle on 1/23/2015

    I have been using 2 for our business for a few months. little trouble figuring out. but, once you got it, they work awesome. lots of day varietys!
  • Nice timer By icereefer on 1/11/2015

    I have this timer set up on my Skimmer cleaner run 2 mins every 6 hrs. Been working great.
  • Great Item By John on 12/6/2014

    The Titan Controls Apollo 9 - Dual Digital Timer That i got from BRS is stii working just fine. Will be getting two more shorty
  • Not a long term purchase By Z on 11/24/2014

    Bought two of these units about five months ago. One worked fine for four months and then stopped working (all that was plugged into it was a string of LED lights), now a month later, the send one failed (two florescent fixtures were plugged into it). Based on others having similar failures, I would not recommend buying these.
  • 3.5 stars By Kevin on 8/23/2014

    it is a half way decent timer for use with the brs doser's I just think there are some tweaks that could be done to make things a little better. when setting it up the if you want to make sure it runs you have to set a cycle and wait for it to cycle on and off. one of my other tweaks they could make is to have the plugs through the front of the timer in the limited space where my powers trips are its tough to put a plug in on the side of the timer, but it does work as it should and hasn't lost time in a couple of months , i am buying three more for my new build.

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