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BRS Bulk Kalkwasser Starter Package

BRS Bulk Kalkwasser Starter Package
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  • BRS Bulk Kalkwasser Starter Package

BRS Bulk Kalkwasser Starter Package

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Quick Overview

The starter package includes everything you need to begin dosing Kalkwasser and maintaining calcium, alkalinity and magnesium. Use BRS Bulk Kalkwasser for maintaining parameters on a day to day basis and other supplements for larger occasional adjustments. All supplements meet strict BRS quality standards.

BRS Bulk Kalkwasser Starter Package Includes:

  • BRS Bulk Kalkwasser (1 Gallon)

  • BRS Bulk Calcium Chloride (1 Gallon)

  • BRS Bulk Sodium Bicarbonate (1 Gallon)

  • BRS Bulk Magnesium Mix (Makes 1 Gallon)

  • 100mL Measuring Cup

  • Funnel

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Previously Asked Questions

  • by Jason on June 23, 2014, @3:24 PM

    I have a 12g nano. If I do a 10% water change every week that's roughly 1 gallon give or take. Using this kit and my RO top off how much will this last me? Are we talking a few years? Also do the chemicals ever go bad?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Jason,
    The dry chemical doesn't go bad, nor do any of the mixed solutions except for the kalk itself. Once that has been mixed with water it will last a few weeks to a month as long as you don't keep agitating it (it reacts with air). For a tank that size the calcium, alk, and magnesium supplements will likely last you years (though it depends on consumption). The kalk is what you use for your day to day, and that will largely depend on your evaporation but I suspect your looking at atleast a years supply there as well.

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Full Details

Kalkwasser (Calcium Hydroxide) is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to add calcium and alkalinity to a reef tank as well as maintain pH. It is typically mixed with RO water and slow dripped or dosed using an auto top off system. The BRS Bulk Kalkwasser Starter Package includes all the additives necessary to raise calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium before using Kalkwasser to maintain the tank.


The items in this package are designed to be used in the following ways.


  • Kalkwasser - This will be used for daily dosing to maintain calcium and alkalinity levels as well as elevate the tanks pH.  Because this product does elevate the pH, it is important to dose slowly in small amounts.  This product is designed to be used daily to continually replace calcium and alkalinity as it is consumed and not to make large adjustments.
  • Calcium Chloride - This is used to make larger adjustments to calcium levels. This product has no effect on the tank's pH so it is possible to make larger changes to calcium levels in single doses.
  • Sodium Bicarbonate - This is used to make larger adjustments to the tank's alkalinity levels. Sodium bicarbonate does have a small temporary lowering effect on the tank's pH. It is possible to make relatively large adjustments to the tank's alkalinity without a major impact on the tank's pH but it is wise to monitor the tank's pH while dosing.
  • Magnesium Mix - Dosed occasionally to maintain magnesium levels. Maintaining correct magnesium levels helps prevent calcium and alkalinity from precipitating and makes maintaining correct parameters much easier.



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  • Did the trick, but it's far more than I needed By BBGoby on 3/9/2015

    I got everything up to where it needs to be this weekend, particularly the ALK, from about 4-9 over about an eight hour period, and Mg from 1200-1350. Calcium was OK. Having done this, I can now I can add Kalkwasser in my ATO in an attempt to keep ALK in range. So all good, but for my 32G it's far more than I need so I've got a lot of Starter package left over. Too bad they don't have a nano version, or the like.
  • Great Starter Kit--improved with a Total Package Option By Stephen on 3/22/2014

    Another hit from BRS! This package, coupled with the videos and other instructions, is a terriffic way into the world of Kalkwasser.

    One recommendation would be to offer a "total" package that includes the gallon jugs, the 1oz. dispensing pumps, and perhpas a 1 gallon mixing container. Secondly consider, placing the "You Will Also Need" segment from the printed instruction sheet under "Full Details."
  • Great product By Jaime on 3/5/2014

    I'm new to reefing. Bought this product based on the YouTube videos. After 3 weeks my tank looks much better. I currently have 1 frag of zoanthids and since I started dosing they look much healthier and have started to multiply.
  • great kit By Jason on 9/1/2013

    this is a great kit and has everything to get your numbers up and keep them up. seems very pure and performs just as expected.
  • Volume of Value By Jonathan on 2/20/2013

    Holy powder Batman!! Ton of Volume!!! Perfect Kit to get things going in the right direction. Follow instructions+ watch videos+ use calculator=perfection every time!
  • Great value By Samuel on 1/3/2013

    You really do get alot for what you pay for maybe to much(not a bad thing). The videos helped me out alot as I was new to dosing. Mixing each element was not as hard as I thought it would be either. This is an all around awesome package.

    After I got all my parameters where I wanted them I didn't think I would need the alk or cal solution but after a few water changes I noticed my cal jumped up but my alk didn't. I had to stop using kalk for a little bit til my cal went back down and dosed only the alk solution to keep it stable.

    This is an all around awesome package.
  • Great Product! By Greg on 9/15/2012

    Great additives and at a great price as well. The sodium bicarbonate can be a pain to mix up, but it does it's job well.
  • Great Starter By Shoei on 6/16/2012

    Easy to understand directions and if you don't' they have videos on how to on here. Was packaged great no spills or damaged and its just a overall great starter product. Highly recommened for new reef tanks.
  • Love this Starter Kit! By Jeff on 6/5/2012

    I love how easy this kit makes dosing Kalc. I'm still a bit new to the hobby so anything that makes things simpler is great.
  • Good Value, Excessive 2 part By Shooterrick on 5/20/2012

    The product is a great value for the money. It is easy to use and my only critique is that there is a awful lot of 2 part Kh.CA, and Mg included for a starter kit. Luckily I find I like and will continue to use the product. Overall I would say buy it if you want to get into Kalk Dosing in a ATO.
  • Great value By Jordan on 5/15/2012

    i was pleased with the value and simplicity of the product. The BRS calculator and videos make use super simple
  • Awesome By Adam on 5/8/2012

    This stuff is awesome. Started adding with my top off, have had massive growth with Lps and sps coral.

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