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1/4" Aquatec 8800 Booster Pump Kit

Aquatec 8800 Booster Pump Kit 1/4"
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  • Aquatec 8800 Booster Pump Kit 1/4"
  • RO/DI Booster Pumps
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1/4" Aquatec 8800 Booster Pump Kit

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Quick Overview

Everything you need to install an Aquatec 8800 Booster Pump - all in one kit. It also includes the pressure switch so it will work with reverse osmosis units that are set-up to shut off automatically. ¼” Push Connect fittings.

Benefits of maintaining higher water pressures

  • Improved waste water ratio

  • Improved membrane rejection performance

  • Reduced DI resin consumption


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Previously Asked Questions

  • by Paul on January 17, 2014, @12:08 PM

    Does the 8800 booster pump kit come with tubing?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Paul,
    It does not, but the pump installs inline with your existing feed line so in most cases no extra tubing is necessary assuming your system is already plumbed from the water source to the RO/DI unit.

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  • by rocky on February 22, 2014, @4:24 PM

    how much more pressure will i get , i dont want to get to much an blow things up .....i have 150 GPD working on 55 to 60 psi....... an i now i need 65 psi for this 150 GPD ro 5 stage ......

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Rocky,
    The pressure will depend on your incoming water parameters but 20psi would be pretty typical. No worries about going too far though, the pump itself has a pressure bypass on top that will allow you to turn it down if its too high.

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  • by Shaun on July 31, 2014, @4:14 PM

    Is there a option for the 3/8 pump in the complete kit also? If so, same price?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Shaun,
    Currently only the 1/4" booster pump is available in kit form. We carry the 3/8" pump as a replacement pump for folks that already have a system, though you could buy a power supply and pressure switch to make your own 'kit".

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Full Details

The Aquatec 8800 Booster Pump Kit Includes and Features:

  • Aquatec 8800 Booster Pump
  • Aquatec transformer
  • Aquatec PSW pressure switch
  • ¼” push connect fittings
  • Patented "flex-mount" base plate which significantly dampens vibrations and reduces noise
  • Adjustable pump pressure
  • Adjustable shut-off pressure point



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  • Great product & USA Made! By William on 4/11/2015

    The pump works as it should. Took me from 35 PSI to 100 PSI. No doubt it will outlast the Chinese junk out there as it is Made in USA!
  • Should have gotten it sooner By Turf on 4/9/2015

    I went from 30gal filtered in two days to 30gal in 6hrs. Runing perfect 70 degree water was not an option so this made my life a dream filtering cold water!
  • Works, but loud By Brian on 4/9/2015

    The booster pump works great but don't attach it to any studs in your house. It will vibrate your walls very loudly. I made a separate stand out of 2x4's for it.
  • Great Product By John on 3/26/2015

    I had the 4 stage 75 gpd kit with 40 psi. Water was coming out at a trickle. I upgraded to the 150 god kit and added this booster pump. System works great, water is produced much faster, and my psi is at 95. I don't know why people complain about the noise. It is not too bad.
  • Easy Install By Benjamin on 3/11/2015

    It works, my pressure was around 40psi without the booster. I set it up and its running at 75psi, I did dial it down a little from the factory setting. I was able to install it in under 20 min. no problems. I have not had any issues with the pump makeing excessive noise but i did take the time to put a issolation pad under it and mounted it to the wall.
  • Really is a must have item By Shawn on 2/26/2015

    I run this on a BRS 6 stage universal RO DI set up with a 150 gallon a day upgrade. I find it produces about 30% more water a day and no additional waste water. My house psi is 55 the pump increases the psi to nearly 90 and holds 90 even as the filters start to become used. Really a must have for 5 and 6 stage systems
  • Not bad but loud By DanDI on 2/18/2015

    I installed my 8800 on the wall in the garage. It vibrates terribly but I dont hear it once I shut the door. When it was in the laundry room, it was more obnoxious. Many say it is quiet, so I'm wondering if I have a defective one. It does do the job, however.
  • Great product By Evan on 2/12/2015

    I bought a house a couple years ago. On city water and my PSI sways from 40-45psi. Finally got this booster pump, and I was able to raise my psi to my unit's recommendation of 80psi. I had to dial down the booster pump from ~85psi, and it was very easy with a 1/16 allen wrench.

    I keep my RO/DI system in my laundry room, close to the living room, and the sound is barely noticeable (pump is mounted). Note, pre-filter will vibrate too, make sure to secure that.

    Speaking of the pre-filter, BRS should offer this kit with it instead of the pressure switch, and make the pressure switch an option. Since EVERYONE should be running it with the prefilter, and not everyone needs a pressure switch.

    An excellent investment that will save you time, water, and di resin.
  • Boosts! By Mike on 2/6/2015

    Really improved my GPD output, especially during the winter months when production usually decreases. Auto Shut Off feature works well.
  • Well worth the cost, if you have lower pressure By Ram on 1/27/2015

    My Spectrapure CSPDI 90 gal system was running at about 45 PSI for the longest time. A gallon of water would take more or less 30 minutes to filter through... not cutting it! I added this booster pump and have never looked back. Essentially doubled my pressure and cut the time to produce a gallon in half.
    Operation is relatively quiet and setup really couldn't be any easier. Highly recommend you just buy this thing.
  • Works great, but it is loud By Ken on 1/22/2015

    My home water pressure was 48 PSI and after I installed this booster it was at 98. I now run a 150 GPD RO system with no problems. I can however hear this pump running from my basement as a dull hum throughout the 1st floor of the house.
  • Does the job, but super noisy! By Warren on 1/16/2015

    This thing vibrates my entire house's plumbing. It is awfully unpleasant. One of my least favorite purchases from BRS. I'm going to try a Gold Series Shurflo instead. My entire family complains about this pump. We can hear it all the way from the basement to the top floor. The pump itself isn't that noisy, but it has some sort of pressurized wave effect on the plumbing.

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