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BRS 150 GPD Water Saver Upgrade Kit

150 GPD Water Saving Upgrade Kit
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  • 150 GPD Water Saving Upgrade Kit
  • Installing the 150gpd Water Saving Upgrade Kit | How To Tuesday

BRS 150 GPD Water Saver Upgrade Kit

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Quick Overview

The BRS 150 GPD Water Saver Upgrade Kit increases the production of any BRS 75 GPD reverse osmosis system to 150 GPD while cutting waste water by 50%. With the installation of this kit water production will increase water production from approximately three gallons per hour to six.


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Previously Asked Questions

  • by Tony on March 3, 2014, @6:50 PM

    yes hi im not sure if my question is worth asking or not but i was just wondering if it would be better or defeating the purpose of the water saver RO add on.......wondering if it would be better to split the water line going into the first RO so it goes into both RO units then each have there own waste water discharge ? im just concerned that the waste water coming out of the add on RO unit and going into the second one is all bad water which to me seems like its going to make the second RO go bad a lot faster then the first? and also whats the best PSI to run the unit with the water saver add on, 65psi or is there a more optimum PSI and 65 psi is just the minimum? i get well over 150 psi coming out of my tap.

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Tony,
    If you split the incoming water going going into the membranes then you basically just have two RO/DI units and would have double the amount of waste water. In that situation it would actually just be better to swap it out for a single 150gpd membrane because you would have lower replacement costs in the future.

    Keep in mind that while the waste water feeding the second membrane is higher in TDS then the first membrane, because of the waste water ratio its really not that much of a difference. If for example you had 100TDS going into the first membrane, the waste water coming out and going into the second membrane would likely be around 120-130tds. Assuming the membranes get there normal 98% rejection rate, that means the first membrane would produce water at 2 tds and the second membrane would produce water at 2.6 tds (so the average total tds being 2.3. As you can see, not much of a difference.

    The reason we only suggest this unit for systems with relativly low TDS to begin with though is that this effect is amplified the higher the TDS, at 500 tds your actually getting into the range of a few TDS instead of fractions of a single TDS, though even at 500 TDS your looking at 10 out of the first membrane, ~12 out of the second for an average of 11 (and a difference of 1).

    RO membranes run better at higher pressures though you shouldn't exceed the 80psi maximum on the unit itself. I would double check the number on the incoming water pressure though as the 150 might have been a different unit of measurement then PSI. Its certainly not impossible to see numbers that high in some areas but 150psi is into exploding pex, toilet, refrigerator, and washing machine territory :-) In fact I think plumbing code in most places is 80psi maximum or your required to have a pressure regulator (may be different in your area though).

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  • by Paul on October 1, 2013, @6:43 PM

    I was wondering which is better for water quality and less waste water, the 150gpd upgrade kit, or the 150gpd membrane by itself? Also, if I add the auto flushing valve, do I use the one for a 150gpd membrane, or the one for 75gpd membrane on this kit? Thank you.

    Bulk Reef Supply Hey Paul,
    It depends on what your main goal is. The 150gpd upgrade kit is better for waste water but will technically create slightly worse quality of water (though unless you have very high TDS to begin with it would be unmeasurable difference to most). If you do have high TDS though we wouldn't recommend the 150gpd upgrade kit.

    For an auto flush valve/flow restrictor you would want the proper size for the membrane(s). If you use the 150gpd membrane you want the 150gpd size, if you are using 75gpd membrane(s) then you would want the the 75gpd size.

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  • by Glenn on November 11, 2013, @8:42 AM

    Does this kit come with a flow restrictor?
    If not would I need the 75 gpd or the 150 gpd flow restrictor.

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Glenn,
    It does not but you actually don't want to switch your floor restrictor. You want to stick with the same 75gpd restrictor you have.

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  • by Mark P on January 13, 2014, @3:02 AM

    Will the membrane flush kit effectively flush both membranes when used with this upgrade? Also is it still possible to use a DI bypass valve?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Mark,
    It sure would. It also wouldn't make any difference to whether you choose to bypass the DI (or just disconnect the DI altogether).

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  • by Jason on March 21, 2014, @2:37 PM

    I have the BRS 5 STAGE PLUS RO/DI SYSTEM - 75GPD, will I need another flush kit if I do this upgrade?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Jason,
    Fortunately you will not. Both membranes operate off the same flow restrictor and thus only the existing flush kit is needed.

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  • by Derrick on October 20, 2013, @8:22 AM

    Could I use this for my 5 stage deluxe, with the drinking add on? I use my 5 stage for both my reef tank and to supply water to my fridge.

    Bulk Reef Supply Hey Derrick,
    With the drinking water add-on you will have a lot more back pressure which would make the dual system a lot less efficient. If your goal is to reduce waste water you would likely be better served by a permeate pump. The permeate pump uses the pressure from your waste water to reduce the effect of the storage tanks back pressure. This will make your existing membrane more efficient and allow you to get more pressure in the tank as well. Its compatible with systems up to 100gpd.

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  • by Robb and Trudi on September 17, 2013, @11:55 AM

    I've read that if you cut down you waste water you will blows thigh RO filters as well as DI filter faster. If there any truth to this? I live the speed and my last water is so much lower. Just not sure I want to blow though the filters if there is any truth to this..


    Bulk Reef Supply Hey Robb,
    Its true that artificially restricting the amount of waste water (which is really flush water) a membrane receives will likely reduce the membrane lifespan and increase the TDS of the out-coming water which will decrease the lifespan of the DI resin as well, though it shouldn't have any sort of negative effect on the prefilters themselves.

    Its important to note that this is NOT how the 150gpd upgrade kit works though. The 150gpd upgrade kit adds a second membrane to reprocess the waste water of the first membrane. With the kit each membrane actually continues to get the minimum amount of flush water (actually one of them even gets extra flush water).

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  • by Michael on October 2, 2013, @4:26 PM

    I have the BRS 5 STAGE PLUS RO/DI SYSTEM - 75GPD My water pressure gauge is reading 43lbs, In your viedo you say that i need 65 lbs going in to the unit . Was wondering if the 43 lbs is enough pressure for the BRS 150 GPD Water Saver Upgrade Kit to work. I am not really sure where the gauge is at on the BRS 5 STAGE PLUS RO/DI SYSTEM - 75GPD I am guessing that it is after all the membranes to be able to tell when they need change. Can you please let me know if you think this will work or will I have to get a booster pump? Thank You Michael

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Michael,
    The 150gpd water saving upgrade kit requires 65psi. If your unit only has 43psi then you would need to increase the pressure to 65psi to add the kit so a booster pump would be necessary.

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Full Details

The BRS 150 GPD Water Saver Upgrade Kit will also work with different brand 75 GPD reverse osmosis systems. The kit requires 65psi into the first membrane in order to function properly. If your home's water pressure is less then the recommended psi a booster pump will be necessary.

If you are purchasing a reverse osmosis unit from us at the same time as this 150 GPD Upgrade Kit please mention in your order comments if you would like us to install the unit for you.  If you select this option, there may be a one day delay in shipping your order due to additional time considerations. 150GPD water saving upgrade kit is not recommended for units with high TDS or drinking water systems

Kit includes:

  • Dow 75 GPD membrane
  • Two 2.5" x 2.5" membrane clips
  • Two 1/8" x ¼" 90 degree elbows
  • 1/8" x ¼" 90° check valve
  • RO membrane housing
  • ¼" tube splitter
  • 5 Feet of Red, White, Blue and Black RO Line



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  • Just get it! By Vincent on 3/30/2015

    IF you have RODI this will pay for itself in cartridges alone. Not to mention wasting less of our precious fresh water resources. Without it you waste more money and more water....
  • Wonderful By Timothy on 3/29/2015

    This addition to the RO/DI unit is amazing. Produces much more water and saves a large amount of time
  • Should have bought water saver to begin with By Britt on 3/27/2015

    I purchased the BRS 4 Stage Value Plus RO/DI System - 75GPD thinking I could upgrade to the water saver later. After using the RO/DI system once. I knew I wanted the water saver. Should have waited for the BRS 4 Stage Value Water Saver Plus RO/DI System - 150GPD to be in stock and would have saved $30.00. Water saver is easy to install with the help of the video BRS. Would tell anyone if they do not have the water saver to get it as soon as possible. was less waist water + the time making water was cut down by 1/2. It was taking 2 hr to make 5 gallons now with the water saver I'm at about 1 hour.
  • Best Purchase RO/DI Related By Kyle on 3/17/2015

    Far and away one of the better additions to my water system. You can very clearly see the amount of water this system saves. Cuts my waste water nearly in half. And my fill time with fresh RO/DI water is much faster leaving me more time to tinker with other things on my tank.
  • It's worth it By Mike on 3/14/2015

    I had a seachem 35 gpd. Converted it over with the help of the BRS people. It cut my waste water by 4x. I'm saving money and helping conserve are most precious resource.
  • happy By greg on 3/12/2015

    Fast shipping easy to install works great
  • Wish I had bought it earlier! By John on 2/22/2015

    Drastically increased my production and decreased my waste water at 40 PSI. I bought the booster pump but haven't installed it yet.
  • Great product, easy to install By dahlyvh on 2/17/2015

    I love that I can now make RO water twice as fast and actually have less waste water. This unit is super easy to install
  • Great Product By Timm on 2/17/2015

    I hated the amount of water going down the drain and the time it took with the standard 75 GPD system. I upgraded with this system and it was worth the money. Installation was easy, but ran into a small glitch. Called BRS and it turned out to be just a little air in the line, they gave me some tricks to get it out and now all is well.
  • Great value By David on 2/10/2015

    Noticed a substantial difference in the amount of water produced as well as a reduction in wastewater. A must have for those who have to do large water changes as well as those who live in the city with costly water bills! I did have to buy the booster pump to have the required pressure.
  • Nice Kit By Duane on 2/7/2015

    It is great to get everything in one kit, except there are no written/diagram instructions. You can go online and watch the video. But if your computer is in a different room, then you may have to take several trips back and forth during installation. I just think it would make installation easier if a 5cent instruction copy was added to the kit. Otherwise, everything is there and have alway been very happy with products from Bulk Reef.
  • SO FAR SO GOOD By Schwenk on 2/3/2015

    Easy to set up after watching video, so lucky I had a tablet to take over to unit with me. Schematic included would be helpful. Clocked it at about 145 gpd within first hour.

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