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BRS Lab Grade pH Probe

BRS Lab Grade pH Probe
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  • BRS Lab Grade pH Probe
  • BRS Lab Grade ph Probes

BRS Lab Grade pH Probe

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Quick Overview

High quality, American-made pH probe to meet your saltwater aquarium needs.

  • Made in the US under strict quality control

  • Double junction designed specifically for contact with proteins or heavy metals

  • BNC connector with superior insulators

  • Cable has low noise design with conductive copper layer between braid and center conductor

  • Less frequent and quicker calibration

  • 10 Ft cord


*Calibration solutions sold separately


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Previously Asked Questions

  • by Robert on October 27, 2013, @4:41 PM

    Is the BRS lab-grade PH probe compatible with Pinpoint PH monitor by American Marine?


    Bulk Reef Supply Hey Robert,
    It sure is. Pretty much all the probes/monitors/controllers in the hobby are interchangeable.

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  • by Andre on December 5, 2013, @2:44 AM

    Hey guys, does the probe need calibrating before use?


    Bulk Reef Supply Hey Andre,
    We get this question a lot. This is a bit of a misconception as its really common for folks to say "calibrate your probe" but what they really mean is "calibrate your controller for your new probe". A pH probe is actually a "dumb" device, it has no electronics in it so you actually never calibrate the pH probe itself. What you do is calibrate your controller when you add a new probe to it. Your basically teaching the controller how to understand the new probes values/readings. Generally you should always calibrate your controller when you add a new pH probe and your controller will have instructions on how to do so!

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  • by James on March 18, 2014, @6:36 AM

    Can I use this probe instead of the pin point probe? Is it a like replacement?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hey James,
    You sure can. When it comes to pH and ORP probes pretty much any model you find in the hobby will be interchangeable.

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  • by Steven on November 28, 2013, @6:11 AM

    will this work with a reefkeeper light with sl1 module head unit and PC4 already have one ph probe & temp probe. I the ordered sl2 module and want to add ORP/2nd pH control for a calcium reactor where a 2nd pH probe (one for tank one for Ca reactor) really be a must have, and $40 for a HQ one is a great deal. Please let me know as soon as possible if this will work with my setup. Also which if any of the ORP probes you sell will fit into the reefkeeper light module?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Steven,
    The pH probes are universal and interchangeable. You can use this probe to replace a DA probe, Neptune, probe, etc. The ORP probes are also interchangable though its worth mentioning that the SL1 has a pH/ORP probe ports. If you ordered the SL2 it has a single pH probe port and then a salinity port (no ORP).

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  • by Dwayne on April 5, 2014, @1:48 AM

    Can I use this with my DA Controller?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Dwayne,
    Sure can! pH and ORP probes in the hobby use standardized BNC connectors and are interchangeable.

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  • by anthony on November 23, 2013, @11:06 AM

    Does the brs ph probe come with calibration fluid?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Anthony,
    It does not as you may need different solutions for different applications. You would want to pick up the the calibration solution of your choice. Personally I recommend the Milwaukee for our probes because the tall narrow pouch makes it easy to get the probe submerged.


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  • by Fabian on March 5, 2014, @8:43 AM

    Does this probe come with the calibrating fluid

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Fabian,
    It does not. Depending on what the controller/meter is and your application there is a variety of solutions that may be necessary for your individual setup. Usually however its a combination of ph 4, 7, and 10 solutions with 7 and 10 being the most common for in tank pH probes.

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  • by Annie on September 9, 2013, @4:42 PM

    Is the BRS lab-grade PH probe compatible with neptune apex controllers?

    Bulk Reef Supply Hey Annie,
    It sure is. All of the controllers and ph probes in the hobby are interchangeable and compatible. You can even use a reef keeper pH probe with the apex as well.

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Full Details

BRS Lab Grade pH Probe Features:

Double Junction Probe: A double junction probe has a second seal and junction found at the center of the probe. The double junction design adds to the cost and complexity of the probe but they are recommended in instances where the probe will come in contact with proteins or heavy metals. When these elements come in contact with the silver within the probe gel they can precipitate on the porous junction and clog it which can cause drift and shorten the life of probe.


The double junction design used in this probe has a second junction in the center of the probe which creates two chambers within the probe. The first one is filled with the reference gel containing mostly potassium chloride, silver chloride and reference probe. The second chamber has just reference gel containing mostly potassium chloride. This design prevents precipitation by keeping the silver away from the second porous junction at the bottom of the probe which is exposed to the aquarium water.


The BRS Lab Grade probe uses pelon strips as a junction material which is a true electrochemical insulator which allows a complete circuit between the reference probe and the tank but allows a very minimal transfer of elements found within the probe or tank. The pelon strip is also much easier to re-wet than the ceramic junctions in the case of accidental drying out of the probe.


The BNC connector is also made to higher quality specifications with superior insulators between the shell and center pin to reduce noise and increase accuracy. The outer shell on the BRS Lab Grade Probe is made using epoxy rather than less expensive polycarbonate which is what most probes use because it is the most inexpensive material available. The epoxy shell is a highly resistant material and inert to a wide range of materials making this one of the more chemically compatible options available for probes like this.


*Calibration solutions sold separately



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  • Great Probe By Bryan on 12/27/2014

    Great probe for the money. Works well and calibrates fine. You can pay more elsewhere but why!!
  • good probe By nick on 12/15/2014

    This is a good choice for a replacement probe. Easy to calibratcalibrate, cable length is the same as the pinpoint. No issues hooking it up or with its performance so far.
  • Good quality By Don on 10/5/2014

    It's accurate. Easy to calibrate. I've only used the Apex probe but this is definitely a better probe.
  • Very Good PH-Probe By Alex on 9/15/2014

    I have been in this hobby a very long time (20+years) and have gone through alot of PH-probes.
    I have to say.... The BRS Lab Grade PH-Probe is one of the fastest probes i've seen to calibrate, it looks well built.
    I will be buying another soon for my Calcium Reactor Controller.
    Very Nice BRS!
  • Calibration Off By JohnD on 7/13/2014

    This is my first time going with something other than the Neptune Probes which don't fit correctly into my Calcium reactor so I figured I would try this one. Build is solid and it fits perfectly but there appears to be a problem with consistent readings. After calibrating multiple times it always reads perfectly on the 10.0 side but retesting after calibration is always off by a couple hundredths for the 7.0 side. Generally I end up with a 6.97 or 7.02 after calibrating. I always rinse after calibration in RO water then test readings in fresh calibration fluid. I did this at the same time I calibrated my Neptune probe and the Neptune was spot on every time.
  • What's not to like? By David on 5/20/2014

    Lab grade for standard price
  • Best probe bar none By Manfred on 4/5/2014

    Lab Grade normally means this is the best probe we offer. Well, why would you ever offer less than your best? From the very start this probe screamed true lab grade with the ultra secure housing covering the probe's lense; much more than the usual thin plastic push on cover other manufacturers use. You know, the ones with the salt creep on the plastic housing cover right from the factory? When I calibrated the probe the parameters settled quickly giving you the sense that accuracy would be greatly enhanced. My old probe was reading my PH at 2.0 and I had reason to believe that reading may be low. The BRS probe read 2.3 and was more in line with what I felt my PH level was all along. The difference with the two readings were not earth shattering but I trust this probe with providing consistently accurate readings. In reefing, we want to try to stay a step ahead of impending problems. This probe wii help me with this aspect of my preventive maintenance program. Buy it! You'll like it!
  • Works Great! By Bill on 3/8/2014

    Purchased to replace my current probe that I was having issues with. Working great!! Nice steady reading. I am very happy with this lab grade probe.
  • Great probe By Joe on 2/5/2014

    Excellent probe - I think it's an improvement over the Neptune one. What I like best is the little storage jar it comes in. I would however suggest they also ship a completely closed cap for that storage jar so you can uh, store the storage jar/media when you're using the probe.

    Good probe though for a reasonable price. I'll be buying more of them in the future.
  • Works Well By Andrew on 1/28/2014

    Bought this for my Neptune controller when they had there Christmas special. Awesome deal on a great PH probe. Only reason I gave 4 stars is I wish the solution bottle that cam on the prob had a cover to retain the solution for later use if needed.
  • Great By Jim on 12/15/2013

    Fantastic probe and excellent deal
  • Looks to be of excellent quality By Jan on 12/6/2013

    This lab grade probe appears to be constructed of much higher quality compared to the Digital Aquatics probe that I have been using. After calibrating with my RKE it provided quick and accurate results on known solutions. Time will tell to see how long it takes to deviate from the actual measurements.

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