BRS 5 Stage Chloramines Replacement Filter Kit

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BRS 5 Stage Chloramines Replacement Filter Kit

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Quick Overview

This kit is designed for chloramines removal and works with the BRS 5 Stage Chloramines RO/DI System and the BRS 5 Stage Chloramines PLUS RO/DI System.
This kit includes:

  • Purtrex 5 Micron Sediment Filter

  • Catalytic Activated Carbon Refill

  • ChlorPlus 10 Carbon Block

  • 1.25 lb. Color Changing DI Resin Refill

We recommend changing sediment filters when they become visually dirty or there is a noticeable drop in pressure. Change carbon blocks every 6-12 months depending on use. This kit doesn't include a membrane filter as they need replacement every three years or so, depending on water and set up.


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Product Questions

This will be the first time I will be changing my filters on your 5 stage chloramine kit. Do I need anything besides this kit to make the filters change. I noticed some people talk about a refillable carbon block?
Question by: chris on Apr 20, 2014 12:34:00 PM
Hi Chris,
If your system is a chloramines system the middle filter is a cartridge for catalytic carbon. You just pop the top off, empty out the carbon, pour new carbon in. The new carbon is in the kit, and the refillable cartridge is already in the unit so no other parts are necessary. Your unit would have come with a filter wrench though, worth having that handy when you change the filters as you may need it to loosen the canisters.
Answer by: Bulk Reef Supply on Apr 20, 2014 12:34:00 PM
Is this the replacement filter system for the 5 stage ro/di with chloramine PRO as well? Thanks mike
Question by: Mike on Mar 30, 2014 2:20:00 PM
Hi Mike,
All of the 5 stage chloramines units use the same filters, just different accessories on the unit themselves, so you would use the same filter kit for both the regular and the plus model.
Answer by: Bulk Reef Supply on Mar 30, 2014 2:20:00 PM

Full Details

This kit is designed for chloramines removal. Approximately 10% of city municipal systems use chloramines. To find out if your water contains chloramines contact your city office. Please note that chloramine is not the same as chlorine.

Recommended Installation for this package*

  • Stage One - Purtrex 5 Micron Sediment Filter
  • Stage Two - Catalytic Activated Carbon
  • Stage Three - ChlorPlus 10 Carbon Block
  • Last Stage - DI Resin

Our filter kits feature some of the most widely used and trusted brands in the world Including GE, KX Technologies and Pentek. The 10” filter size is the industry standard and will fit our systems as well as virtually every brand of RO system that uses similar looking carbon blocks.  Most of the filters included in our kits are made in the USA, NSF Certified or WQA Gold Seal Certified and Manufactured using FDA-compliant materials.

*This is our recommended filter arrangement and we have found to be the best combination for the most common installations and water conditions. If you have something unique about your water supply or installation please contact customer service and one of our WQA certified water specialists will be able to assist you. Our onsite chat feature is the quickest way to receive advice but we are available to assist via the phone and email as well.


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  • Great Product, fast shipping By rhyno870 on 8/3/2015

    I loved the new flat rate expedited shipping! The product was everything I needed to refill my chloramine RO DI unit. It was quick and easy to install as well.
  • more and more chloramine By Charles on 6/27/2015

    More and more, chloramines are being added to municipal water supplies. They are not good for your tank, especially for you corals. This kits makes getting rid of them a breeze.
    If you are not sure if you have chloarmines or not, either purchase the test kit OR you can usually look online for your local water supply
  • User/Customer-Friendly By Ron H on 2/20/2015

    With detailed instructions and quality products received, maintenance on the 5-stage system is a breeze.
  • Best there is By David on 2/5/2015

    Wouldn't use any other product. Not only are the filters, resin, and carbon superior to the other guys, the service at BRS is top notch! Thanks again guys for outstanding quality.
  • Great product with very fast delivery By Jeff on 9/22/2014

    Quality filters at a great price. Very fast delivery as always.
  • good product By Mike on 9/19/2014

    Really BRS needs to adjust there shipping costs on small purchases. Great products but really 11.00 shipping on a 44.00 item.
  • great filter kit By Mario on 6/9/2014

    Makes changing RO filters easy. Comes with everything you need in 1 kit. Extremely happy with the simplicity of installation and will purhase again
  • Great By casey on 10/15/2013

    Great kit easy to use !!
  • Makes my life easier. By Jacob on 8/22/2013

    This kit is super helpful. It saves me time because I don't have to search through ten different websites to find high quality replacement filters for my RODI system.
  • makes changing filters easy By Ryan on 8/14/2013

    This kit makes it easy to have everything on hand to change my RODI filters. if it's easy I'm more likely to do it so thank you BRS.

    Make sure if you are switching to a chloramine system you purchase the refillable cartridge.
  • Best RO/DI unit for the money By Brandon on 7/7/2013

    I have has this for over a year. My city TDS is around 100 on average. I only have a 30 gallon tank so these filters last me a long time.
  • 5 Stage Chloramines 75 GPD By Coloagro on 1/10/2013

    This is a great unit, very easy to use. I would personally not go any lower than the 5 Stage Units. I had to spend the extra for the Chloramines Unit because the City water in Denver contains potentially dangerous levels for a reef so I opted for the cautious option. BRS has top notch customer service and these systems come with everything you could possibly need to set up minus standard tools. I wish the instructions were a little clearer for setup and replacement but overall excellent product! Thx BRS

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