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JBJ A.T.O. Water Level Controller

JBJ A.T.O. Water Level Controller
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JBJ A.T.O. Water Level Controller

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Quick Overview

One of the most popular ATO systems available. Maintain water level and stable salinity with the JBJ A.T.O. Level Controller. Compact controller has two modes of operation and audible signal alert. Two float switches with exterior guard. Linkable brackets easily adjust and secure float switches.

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Previously Asked Questions

  • by werner on October 29, 2013, @6:21 AM

    what's the recommended pump for the ATO JBJ? thanks!

    Bulk Reef Supply Hey Werner,
    Really just about anything will work in terms of the ATO itself, its more about how far and fast you need to pump water. The most common pump is the aqualifter pump which pumps slowly and only goes a couple of feet. Otherwise if you need to pump larger distances you could use something like the 50ml top off doser.



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  • by Dan on August 29, 2014, @3:28 PM

    What kind of pump is recommended for this system thanks

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Dan,

    Any low flow pump will work with this ATO. I ave personally used our 50ml/min dosing pump but find that it had trouble keeping up with large systems. I moved to the Auqa Gadget HydroFill ATO Pump due to the fact that it can be run dry without any problems, its self priming and it won't back siphon.

    Another great option would be a small submersible pump like the eheim 300 or sicce micra and micraplus

    Keep in mind these pumps are rated for low head heights so if you are running the ATO hose from the ground to the top of your tank you will need to go a little bigger.

    I hope this helps!
    Have a great day :)

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  • by jerry on January 17, 2014, @1:24 AM

    Why do i still get drips of water out of my discharge hose non stop even after the vaccum pump has shut off the.
    The vacuum pump is on the bracket at the top of the tank at lease 3 ft. higher then my R/O holding tank(no pump in here for the A.T.O.

    Bulk Reef Supply Hi Jerry,
    Is the water in your storage container higher off the floor then the water in your sump? If so that would create a siphon when the pump turns on and water would continue to pass to the tank after it turns off (regardless of where pump itself is located).

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Full Details

JBJ ATO Self-Leveling Controller Features:

Float Sensors

The A.T.O. is equipped with (2) float sensors that activate within seconds when your water level drops and automatically refills your sump or tank until it reaches your desired set point. Each float sensor has been designed with an exterior guard preventing snails & hermit crabs from attaching to the sensors.

Electronic Controller Module

Our state-of-the-art electronic controller allows for (2) modes of operation with a total of (3) different set up scenarios, allowing you more choices for installation for your unique set up. Our compact controller also incorporates a visible L.E.D. panel and an Audible Signal alerts when in operation mode.

Linkable Brackets

The kit includes commercial grade "Linkable Brackets" that can easily be adjusted to meet your height requirements, and securely positions your float sensors. No suction cups to lead to disastrous water spillage.

Pump Safety Protection

The A.T.O. automatically stops power to your return pump in your reservoir, in the event that your reservoir is low on water. This safety feature prevents pumps from running dry and failing. (Mode A- Example 1)



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  • doesn't work properly By azreef on 3/13/2015

    Came out of box looking good, but after setting up it does not want to turn on the pump when needed. Just lights up red indicating water level low, but the relay does not turn on unit. Disappointing!
  • Works Great! By Reefer on 2/4/2015

    I've had this unit up and running for 5 months now with no issues what so ever. Very easy to set up and install. I clean the float off that sits in my sump once a month to make sure no debris is caught in it and can cause it to malfunction. I like the different install options you can do with this unit. I have my floats installed so one is in my sump and tells it when the water level is low, and the other is in my reserve pump so it kills power to my pump when the water level gets too low so it won't burn out my pump.
  • Automated is better By David on 1/17/2015

    I use to use a on/off timer to add RO water throughout the day, the JBJ is SO much easier.
  • Great Value By DanoSiena on 1/5/2015

    Took me a little while to get it up and running, but my tank has been rock solid since. Great buy so far!
  • good at first but didn't last By Keep with the program dori on 12/17/2014

    Worked fine for about a year of course is that in the box for about six months before I plugged it in. After which the relay started to not always switch on the pump. It would light up appropriately but not turn on the switch untell you power cycled the JBJ. Took me a while to figure this out. I spoke to JBJ at reef conferences And they seemed eager to help me.of course once I contacted them then they never responded to any correspondence and were of no help. So I programmed my controller to turn the thing off and on three times an hour so hopefully one of those times the relay would work appropriately. Now in the market for a new auto top off
  • 7 years and counting By Jason on 11/18/2014

    I have bought 2 of these over the years and still use both of them. I spent $10 at HD for a small acrylic sheet and built a box with 'teeth' at the top and small holes all over it, in a corner to keep the floats in and keep the snails, hermits, and other creatures out. Just clean the floats once every 4-6 months.
    I have one float at my 'full level' (max water level - turns the pump off) and one float at my 'fill level' (minimum water level - turns pump on) inside the box.
    7 years and counting for my first one and the second one 2 or so years, for my quarantine tank.
    Note: you can unscrew the cover and re-adjust the timer for the pump.
  • not bad By dominick on 11/13/2014

    I purchased this amd after a.month 1 of the floats.went bad but after contacting brs they sent a new one and its been working perfect ever since.
  • Works good for value By Christopher on 10/14/2014

    Been using this ATO for a couple years and for the price I can't really complain. It's simple to set up and works good. Couple problems with the floats getting calcified and sticking but if you clean them ever couple months and scrape the build up there's no problems. Heard stories of them overflowing sumps but I've never had it happen yet. Good product for under $100
  • Great product! By William on 7/26/2014

    I am using 2 of these at the moment. One on my 240 Reef and one on my 75 gallon reef. Both as ATO's. I use a small pump (250gph) to deliver the water. I have been running one of these for over a year with no issues. Save your money and go this route you will not be sorry. People complain about float switches, just check on your system and do your regular maintenance.
  • Great for the price By MICHAEL on 6/23/2014

    Does what it is supposed to do. Keeps the water level right. Do be aware that you may need to adjust the internal run time if your pump can not keep up with the rate of evaporation. However that is a very simple adjustment
  • Disappointed By zedagyrl on 6/5/2014

    I have to be able to get this to work properly. I used a aqualifter for my pump and it could not pump enough water into my sump before it "time out". I adjusted the internal timer to run as long as possible and it will work for a few days and keep my water topped off then for no reason it times itself out and never resets to run again.
  • Potential disaster By Daktari on 5/9/2014

    If you are going to use this I advise that you run the inflow through a float valve. If the solenoid malfunctions in the on position you may have a flood or drastically reduce salinity depending on your set up. My LFS stopped selling this unit after several unhappy customers tried to return them. At least the float valve will stop the water.
    Another problem I have experienced 3 times in the first month is that the unit will shut off and not come back on. I reset the internal timer to allow maximum run time and will see if this fixes the problem. I attribute this to the slower fill rate due to the float valve. We shall see if the problem is fixed.

    Also if your pump is at a higher level than the end of your input hose regardless if it is in the sump water or not it will create a siphon and the water will continue to flow after the pump shuts off. You will need to install a siphon break.

    The power chord and the leads for the float sensors were way too short for my application.

    I may go back to a gravity fed set up with a 12 dollar float valve.

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