Tunze adds wireless control via Bluetooth with the 7097 MultiController

Tunze 6097

We got our first good look at the new big brother of the Tunze 7096, aptly named the Tunze 7097.  Both of these controllers are designed to control up to four Tunze controllable pumps (eight with the use of the Y cable).   Once setup with the pumps the controllers themselves are capable of controlling almost all your typical wave patterns from oscillating currents, gyres, storms, “de-sedimentation”, waves, etc.

The Tunze 7097 adds wireless connection via Bluetooth to the computer so that you no longer need to physically run a USB cable to the controller if you want to change a setting, though of course you still have the ability to do so if you so desire. Combined with the new Tunze LED’s the controller also gives you the ability to adjust the different colors, setup a sunrise/sunset, and moonlight.  Pricing is still to come but it seems like a reasonable bet that it will run somewhere right around $200 for us in the USA and hopefully will be here in the near future!




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