Elos introduces new light with NFC technology and a sleek glass canopy

Elos PlanetPro

Just about everyone loves the look of rimless tanks but one of the downsides is that they are difficult to cover without losing that sleek, modern style. It looks like Elos has managed to create a simple, easy to use light fixture that can also function as a beautiful canopy for the aquarium.

The Elos PlanetPro light fixture is the latest offering in LED light fixtures from Elos. Built in Italy, these light fixtures maintain the ultra modern sleek look, in common with the rest of the Elos products, while offering all the features as well as the simplicity of other light fixtures. The light comes with optional curved glass “wings” that extend in front of and behind the light allowing you to cover the tank and keep your beautiful critters in the tank. Each piece of glass is hinged so that you can rotate it up and out of the way.

Setting up the light can be as simple as pressing the one and only button for 5 seconds in the morning when you want the light to turn on. It will automatically run a 10 hour cycle and repeat this every day at the same time. If you want to control the individual channels and create your own lighting schedule, either via computer or smart phone programs(and the right equipment). Get this, you can do this by either purchasing the additional WiFi dongle or you can actually do it via NFC (Near Field Communication) technology if you have a smart phone that supports it (or an NFC adapter for your computer). It’s the first time I have seen NFC technology used for something like this. If you have a smartphone that supports it you simply lay the phone on the light and it will read the parameters. You configure in the settings to your liking and then lay the phone down on the NFC chip to program it.


Elos PlanetPro


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