EcoTech Announces XR15w LED Fixture


Today EcoTech Marine announced the upcoming release of the XR15w LED fixture.  The XR15w features 21 of the same Cree/OSRAM/SemiLED’s as its big brother, but has fewer of them.  Other than some relocating of the push buttons (centered on the fixture) the light actually looks like a Radion XR30w that has been cut in half. The new light measures a sleek 7″x7″ and is only 1.5″ tall, which does make it a bit larger than an XR30 cut in half but still a small and sleek fixture.  The new light will consume a maximum 85watts of power.


The XR15w comes with the same wide angle TIR optics installed on the XR30w which means the light spread on the XR15 is still two feet by two feet, but with less intense lighting.  The XR15w is intended for shallow tanks, where having a lot of PAR at extreme depths is not necessary.  Preliminary specifications show that the standard TIR optics will be included, as well, if you wanted to change out the optics for the more focused 80 degree spread.XR15_bottom


The XR15w will have all of the features we are used to seeing with the Radion LED’s including full spectrum + UV LEDs.  It is compatible with EcoSmart Live as well as the Reef Link system.  It is also already compatible with the new Radion Mounting System announced a few weeks ago at Interzoo. I have a feeling this will be a popular choice with a lot of the shallow reef tanks that have been popping up lately.  The lights are expected to start shipping this July with a price point of $449.





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