Don’t know if you want an aquarium with built in filtration or a sump? How about both?

Red Sea Max

Keeping with tradition Red Sea has announced a new line of all in one aquariums this year with their prototype E series tanks. If you’re not familiar with the RSM C and S series already, the C series is their most basic all in one tank. Everything is included in the system from lighting and hood to protein skimmer. It utilizes a back chamber filtration system similar to what you find on many nano tanks. The S series systems are also all in one except offer a rimless design and sump in the cabinet. The new E series aquariums are basically a modular combination of the two.

Still an all in one design, the E series aquariums come setup with the back chamber filter like the C series skimmers except that if you decide to upgrade the system, it is already pre-drilled and pre-plumbed to add a sump. You simply drain a few inches of water out, drain the back chamber and replace the plugs that were in place with the Red Sea’s plumbing kit. You can purchase their sump as well or use your own. Even the skimmer can be removed from the back chamber and utilized as an in sump skimmer. Of course it still utilizes the standard Red Sea Max features like an all in one power center and simple setup. This shiny new tank is expected to be released end of 2014.


Red Sea Max E Series

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