Reef Saver Rock + 7 Aquascaping Tips

Reef Saver Rock is one of the most popular dry rocks that we sell. This is likely for a couple of reasons. First of all, it is called reef saver rock because it is not pulled from a live reef like the other rocks (both live and dry). The fact that it isn’t pulled from »


8 Tips for Curing Your Dry Rock

1.  Clean & rinse the rock manually before you start: Most of the dry rocks on the market like the Fiji, Pukani, or Tonga rock are rock that came from the sea but have been allowed to dry out.  This means that they are often covered in various types of organic matter.  There might be »


5 Reasons you should check your tap water for chloramines

These days, chloramines are becoming a much more popular technique for municipal water supplies to use for disinfection. Chlorine and chloramines are the most commonly used form of secondary disinfection. The EPA requires certain levels of secondary disinfectants to be present in order to keep the water safe for consumption as it travels through the »


What you should know about wavemakers

When setting up a new aquarium it’s almost inevitable that you will be looking at powerheads and that almost always leads to looking at wavemakers. When it comes to aquariums there are a lot of reasons to look at wavemakers but the most popular is that the more random the flow, the less dead spots »


Basic Aquarium Safety

For most folks aquarium safety is not on the top of their mind when setting up a tank. Let’s be honest, were all super excited. We have likely spent weeks or months planning, collecting equipment, preparing, and now it’s time to start. Once the tank is here we are ready to go, get it running, »


How an Aquarium overflow works and how to choose the right overflow

How an Aquarium overflow works and how to choose the right overflow   Overflows are great. They allow you to hide all your ugly equipment outside of your display tank, allow you to use bigger, better, and more equipment, and they make for a steady water level in your display tank. One of the most »