EcoTech Announces XR15w LED Fixture

Today EcoTech Marine announced the upcoming release of the XR15w LED fixture.  The XR15w features 21 of the same Cree/OSRAM/SemiLED’s as its big brother, but has fewer of them.  Other than some relocating of the push buttons (centered on the fixture) the light actually looks like a Radion XR30w that has been cut in half. »


5 Reasons you should check your tap water for chloramines

These days, chloramines are becoming a much more popular technique for municipal water supplies to use for disinfection. Chlorine and chloramines are the most commonly used form of secondary disinfection. The EPA requires certain levels of secondary disinfectants to be present in order to keep the water safe for consumption as it travels through the »


EcoTech Marine announces EcoSmart Live Beta

  EcoTech Marine announced earlier this week that they are starting Beta testing of their new EcoSmart Live update which adds the much anticipated VorTech control as well as a slew of other features. I was able to get in on the Beta and take a look around.   If you are interested in joining »


Fish Feeder Roundup

If you have ever gone away for a long weekend or vacation while owning your fish tank, there is no doubt that you have had to consider how to feed your fish while you are gone. Or perhaps, you just have a busy schedule or fish that need to eat multiple times during the day. »


The JBJ Auto Top Off System

The JBJ Auto Top Off System is one of the most popular ATO systems on the market. Consisting of a simple controller with two float switches, it is one of the least expensive options currently available. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles as some of the other auto top off systems but still »


A picture is worth a thousand words

All of these pictures I just snapped as we were walking by booths and they seemed either cool, interesting, funny or odd.  In context I am sure most make a lot of sense.   Foosball anyone? Hands free? The picture doesn’t do it justice but the size of this booth was just enormous, including its »

Tunze 6097

Tunze adds wireless control via Bluetooth with the 7097 MultiController

We got our first good look at the new big brother of the Tunze 7096, aptly named the Tunze 7097.  Both of these controllers are designed to control up to four Tunze controllable pumps (eight with the use of the Y cable).   Once setup with the pumps the controllers themselves are capable of controlling almost »

Elos PlanetPro

Elos introduces new light with NFC technology and a sleek glass canopy

Just about everyone loves the look of rimless tanks but one of the downsides is that they are difficult to cover without losing that sleek, modern style. It looks like Elos has managed to create a simple, easy to use light fixture that can also function as a beautiful canopy for the aquarium. The Elos »

Red Sea Max

Don’t know if you want an aquarium with built in filtration or a sump? How about both?

Keeping with tradition Red Sea has announced a new line of all in one aquariums this year with their prototype E series tanks. If you’re not familiar with the RSM C and S series already, the C series is their most basic all in one tank. Everything is included in the system from lighting and »


Out-standing from Elos

Ok I am done with the puns :-)  In all seriousness I didn’t know there was this much innovation to be made in the department of stands but this year I have seen a variety of new features. Now Elos, a company normally known for their sleek rimless aquariums,  has put together a welded aluminum »


A calcium reactor that can do the splits?

The Vertex RX-6 was one of my favorite calcium reactors so I was really excited to see its replacement. Its really impressive the way Vertex has managed to bring new features to a technology that has been around for a very long time. The first thing you may notice from afar is that the there »

Lego Fish

How about a LEGO Aquascape?

I just had to stop and take a few pictures of this one. Tropical Marine Centre worked with TMC and Bright Bricks to create all sorts of fish and coral aquascapes using LEGO’s! Bright Bricks is listed as “one of only twelve LEGO certified professionals in the world. “ I honestly don’t know what that »