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5 pieces of equipment that can save your aquarium from disaster in the event of a power outage

  While it’s still a bit on the cold side up here in Minnesota, severe weather season is quickly approaching most of the country. It’s mostly storms and Tornado’s here but depending on where in the country you are you may have to contend with tornadoes, hurricanes, wind storms, rain etc. It wasn’t much later »


Basic Aquarium Safety

For most folks aquarium safety is not on the top of their mind when setting up a tank. Let’s be honest, were all super excited. We have likely spent weeks or months planning, collecting equipment, preparing, and now it’s time to start. Once the tank is here we are ready to go, get it running, »


How to use kalk in your auto top off

Kalk is one of the simplest and yet most confusing things a lot of folks considering adding to there tanks so I figured it would be handy to write a how-to on using it in my preffered way, an auto top off. For anyone interested in implementing kalk it should help you figure out what »