Demystifying the Permeate Pump

  What is a permeate pump: The permeate pump is one of my favorite RO/DI accessories. It is used to reduce the waste water of an RO/DI drinking water unit. Its a really unique device and its one of the few things in the world where you really seem to get something for nothing. The »

vertex omega

Vertex Omega

With all the hype surrounding the new Vertex Omega 130 protein skimmer we thought it would be good to do a more in depth write-up on the line. The skimmer used here was the Omega 130, but the basic principles and features are the same between all the models.   First off, the specifications (important »


Reef Link by Ecotech Marine

┬áThe Reef Link is one of the most anticipated items that was shown at MACNA 2013 and they are now available so we thought we would do a quick write-up on what it is, its features and how it works. Right out of the box it has a very Apple type feel. The high quality »